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Celesti Alliance - Hybrid Generation

Celesti Alliance
Hybrid Generation
by Mike McMahan at 09 January 2020, 4:39 PM

CELESTI ALLIANCE is a Progressive Heavy Metal band hailing from Finland. This record, “Hybrid Generation”, is their first full length album, after releasing two EP’s; 2015’s “Eagles Nest” and 2017’s “Time to Rise”. They are heavily influenced, as shared on their Facebook page, from Eighties acts such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT and HELLOWEEN; but also seeming to draw influence from SYMPHONY X and NIGHTWISH.

I sat down with this record very open minded, and was met with the opener “Celestial Law”, opening with a heavy and memorable keyboard melody (which I can only assume to be guitar synthesized, with no keyboardist noted). The song begins what is a promising journey through the Prog/Sci-Fi world. There is an astonishing twin guitar solo here, as well, which showcases the talents of Poysko and Nurmi-Aro very well. Moving on to the second track, that fast paced “Fierce and Free”, I was further intrigued by the guitar work, as well as the absolutely pounding bottom end. The influences these guys claim become very obvious throughout this tune. It is also here that I find Heiskanen’s vocals to work more effectively for me, as he can sometimes reach for the higher register and detract from the remainder of the content on a few of the tracks.

The low spot on this album for me is the lone ballad “Solitude”. The song has almost a forced feel to it, as if the band felt obliged to include it on what is otherwise face-melting forty-four-minute release. In its defense, however, it contains some brilliant musicianship, again working with the dual harmony guitars and a beautiful melody. Valterri’s voice here, at its clearest, shows a grand potential, as well. The album culminates with the ten minute and twenty-six second opus “Hybrid Generation”, again focusing on the bands strong musicality and virtuoso ability. The opening kick drums alone are worth the price of admission.

Where “Hybrid Generation” works best is in that musicianship, especially with the two incredible guitarists. The low end is handled exceedingly well by Luhtamaki and Keinonen, and the vocals range from sheer brilliance with Heiskanen’s lower register to sometimes annoying with his upper range. All in all, this is a stellar debut. I see tremendous potential in this band, and look forward to future endeavors.


4 Star Rating

1. Celestial Law
2. Fierce and Free
3. Shadow Children
4. Broken Memories
5. Solitude
6. Incomplete
7. Louder Power
8. Hybrid Generation
Valterri Heiskanen - Vocals
Tuuka Nurmi-Aro - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Kalle Poysko - Guitars
Iikka Luhtamaki - Bass
Kim Keinonen – Drums / Percussion
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 06 August 2020

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