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Cemetery Echo - Come Share My Shroud

Cemetery Echo
Come Share My Shroud
by Andrew Harvey at 02 August 2021, 1:27 AM

CEMETERY ECHO are a four man band coming from the city of New York in the USA. These guys actually have done very well to execute an original sound which could be identified as goth ‘n’ roll or haunt ‘n’ roll. In an interview last year with the singer Rob Palumbo was asked about their style of music in more detail. He responded by saying that “as time progressed more of our own metal influences that we were trying to repress started creeping back”.

Furthermore he added that “the rock aspect just bridged the gap between goth and metal in a fun and different way”. He mentions influences including THE SISTERS OF MERCY, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, THE CURE AND CHRISTIAN DEATH. The band came together in 2019 and in the following year of 2020, they recorded their debut EP titled COME SHARE MY SHROUD. The EP went online but now it is due for release now in CD or LP format in August.

So let’s take a closer look at this EP, now technically the EP itself is three tracks long as the first track is more of an intro or exposition tilted as “Beneath The Crypts”. We hear a more gloomy drone sound of a church bell together with creeping movements or soundscape tones. The sustain of the church bell with more haunting effects brings us into the next track which is titled “Come Share My Shroud”.

“Come Share My Shroud” carries on the theme of horrifying whispers in the form of ominous or sinister vocals. There are two vocal lines, one is more daring or growling whereas the other vocal line is cleaner but less excessive. This track is certainly also full of very appealing sounds of guitar, especially that this band brings the rock ‘n’ roll sound lashed together with gothic rock or old school rock. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is a form of metal, there are no big boomy implosions of guitar/bass but we can hear the band’s main influences just by this track alone.

“Youth Disease” starts with an ecstatic guitar noise like no other, more sustained to begin with. This effect actually does pinpoint one of the bands main inspirations, BLACK SABBATH. No doubt those who remember them,  they too had a lot of heavy guitar drone effects. There are also more power metal and perhaps hardcore rock sounds from guitar & bass guitar too.

So we come to the final track of this EP which is titled “Transylvanian Moon”, I did enjoy the sound of the guitar yet again which this time has more something between grunge or goth rock of a feel to it. This is also the longest track of the EP and quite rightly so. Also the soundscape and mood of this track sets for the listener is mesmerising, an absolute joy to listen to.

Overall in terms of musicality this EP really surprised me as to how well it was produced and made especially since they don’t have a drummer either in the lineup which means the drum sounds are computer generated. The sound does certainly fit the description that the singer gave in the interview I mentioned before. The atmosphere that is conjured by guitar & bass does resemble that of hardcore rock, gothic rock and themes of horror suggested by the lyrical content.

Other influences that the singer mentioned which made an impact on him included MEATLOAF, ANDREW ELDRITCH (THE SISTERS OF MERCY), ROBERT SMITH/DAVE GAHAN (DEPECHE MODE) and of course OZZY OSBOURNE. In addition, the singer was asked if the current situation with Covid-19 had any effect on the band's activity. ROB PALUMBO responded to this saying that “it’s actually not terrible timing for us, it gives us more time to release our music and come back to the project with clear heads”. So now of course we wait to see if these guys can produce more of the same or will they take a different approach? Well either way I am going to follow these guys and see what happens. So check the EP out when it is released in August and enjoy it, I certainly did.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Beneath The Crypts
2. Come Share My Shroud
3. Youth Disease
4. Transylvanian Moon
Rob Palumbo - Vocals
Erik Wagonblott - Guitar
Jay Zgoda - Guitar
Kenny Zotara - Bass
Record Label: Petrichor Records


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Edited 09 December 2022

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