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Centrilia - In the Name of Nothing Award winner

In the Name of Nothing
by Crisstopher Robyn at 25 June 2019, 3:42 PM

The melodic Metalcore band known as CENTRILIA will be dropping their new album “In The Name Of Nothing” June 28, 2019. Formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 2013, and they have put out two Ep’s worthy of listening to. The band has surely netted a winner with Terry Date producing the new full length album.  Let’s check out the strangers from across the sea, shall we?

Symptoms Of Betrayal” gives a low ascending riff to begin the song. The drums herald a marching cadence that traverse the guitars into a deeper realm of listening. The vocals give reminders of Jamey Jasta as he belches out a dark spirit but this is Gavin Marshall. He gives this HATEBREED/PANTERA roar that cannot be ignored. The song pulsates with its guitars and a tribal drumming style from Andy Brown. The 5-and-a-half-minute song is a brutal collision to the ears and a great way to pump the album up quickly.  “Splitting Hairs Spitting Teeth” follow the first track with similar fashion. It is another brutal assault. The double bass has you wanting to be in a pit and just slinging fists. The song is a pumper for sure. The guitars trade tempos to match, while the transitions of style flow together like rapids of a river.

I jump to the sixth track of the album, not because the music in between sucks, but because just the name alone calls to me. “Those Possessed By Devils” just invokes something in my head. The song begins with cadent drums, then follows the quick guitar strums. As this fine intro ends, transit to the Metalcore sounds we have come used to hearing. The bass adds its thump to the beat and keeps your head bouncing. The vocals remain true to their sound and are dead on for the music blaring into my ears. Nearing the last quarter of the song, the music hits the breakdown, and boom, pure magic. I had to listen to “Let the Fire Burn” and “Tamam Shud”.  It isn’t because the songs are bad, it was just hard deciding which song I liked better. The breakdowns are both brutal, but in the end “Tamam Shud” wins out. The song has this really eclectic beginning with soft tones but shortly gives way to that double cadence again. In all honesty though, the guitar work of Gareth Ellis and David Sanford stick out in the best way possible. The licks they hit mesmerize me and I completely lose myself in the song. The darkness that is presented inside of Gavin Marshall’s emotions. Imagine watching an evening sky with nothing but storm clouds making their way through the air. The lightning streaking across the sky would be the guitars and the thunder would be the music and vocals.. This one will be listened to quite a while.

Well, the band have me hooked. From the beginning, they had me hooked with their intensity and power.  They have been seen with powerhouse groups such as ROB ZOMBIE, CROWBAR, ARCH ENEMY, and BEHEMOTH, and who could blame them?  Who wouldn’t want to tour with BEHEMOTH? Add in producer Terry Date, who has helmed many great albums, and you just have a winning combo. The album is a total knockout. Pick this one up. It is totally worth it.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Symptoms of Betrayel
2. Splitting Hairs Spitting Teeth
3. Imposters
4. The Fool On the Hill
5. In The Name Of Nothing
6. Those Possessed By Devils
7. Let the Fire Burn
8. Tamam Shud
Gareth Ellis – Bass/ Backing Vocals
Andy Brown – Drums
David Sandford – Guitars/ Backing Vocals
Gavin Marshall – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 16 October 2019

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