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Centura - Amerigeddon

by Tuoksu Holopainen at 02 July 2014, 5:47 PM

CENTURA,  Hailing from South Carolina, United States, released their sophomore EP "Amerigeddon" independently, as a successor to their 2012's "Black Sheep" EP. CENTURA fuse Thrash Metal with Death Metal in a proper way and as heavily as possible. I wouldn't label the band as Metalcore at all. Their dominant style is more of a Thrash Metal leaning toward Melodic Death Metal.

As the title "Amerigeddon" suggests, and by looking merely at the track list, the album more than obviously bears angry political themes and a straightforward contempt towards the government, the say the least. Something along the lines of MEGADETH, not so unusual when it comes to Thrash Metal bands. 6 Short tracks making up a thirty-minute-long record that brought me great enjoyment.

The first two tracks "Amerigeddon" and “Prostitution of the Constitution" kicks off all heavy and Thrashy with interluding Melodic Death parts. Alternated high-pitched shrieks and deep growls, crunchy memorable riffs, ungodly blast beats, and a well-executed switch between mid-paced and fast-paced parts. "Warfare Isn't Fair" is rather melodic, while "Universal Healthscare" is one of the fastest and the most aggressive tracks on this EP. "Defying Their Gravity" continues to bring more of the perfect mix of  Old School Death and Thrash elements. It's quite down-to-earth compared to the rest of the tracks but still just as vigorous. It also features a brief yet brilliant solo which is, in a way, the climax of the whole record which close with the killer riffs of "One Nation Under Fraud".

Throughout "Amerigeddon" the band maintains a quite Modern sound despite the undeniable Old-School influence.  It is an extreme album both musically and lyrically with a blatant punch and f**k the government attitude. Totally recommended for Thrash Metal fans. They have delivered a more-than-impressing record especially for an unsigned band, not to mention that it's kind of contributing to their underground status.

4 Star Rating

1. Amerigeddon
2. Prostitution of the Constitution
3. Warfare Isn't Fair
4. Universal Healthscare
5. Defying Their Gravity
6. One Nation Under Fraud
Nathan Beaty - Bass, Vocals
Shay Santiago - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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