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Cerebrum - Cosmic Enigma

Cosmic Enigma
by Vasilis Odontidis at 27 May 2013, 1:30 PM

CEREBRUM is one of the rising forces in the Progressive Death Metal scene. Their music is a mix of unpredictable technical brutality and obsessive grooves occasionally enhanced with Jazz elements. With their sophomore album “Cosmic Enigma” (via the Japanese Amputated Vein Records) they showcase their next statement of musical evolution and technical prowess. The Greeks maintain the same lineup as in the first record with Mike Papadopoulos on guitars, Jim Touras on guitars and vocals, George Skallkos on the bass and the bestial George Kollias behind the drum kit.

“Cosmic Enigma” has twelve tracks out of which two are intros. From the opener, “Utopian Freedom, Dogmatic Truth”, the band enters in full force and brutality. Arrays of furious blast beats are complemented by massive riffs before the bass signals the change to a groovier part. Somewhere in the middle of the song comes the first bridge with acoustic and Jazz elements before resuming the musical onslaught. In the first part of the record the brutality is the superior element of the songs whereas afterwards, starting with “Self Regenerate” the band opts for groove and normal tempo. “Swirling Liquid Pellets” is the second instrumental song (with actual swirling / psychedelic guitar effects) before “Subliminal Gravity Symptoms” which sums up the record with a final blow of extreme technical playing and abysmal music.

One of the most fascinating elements of the band is opting for going with a space/chaotic theme in their titles that indicates elegance over the typical massacre / zombie-splatter / antichristian themes. Though avoiding any psychedelic effects their musical style is quite chaotic. Through the record I noticed various influences that are utilized as extra flavor to the songs and not a copy paste thingy. The vocals combined with some parts of the groove remind OBITUARY while the music has elements found in DEATH (especially in “Human”), NILE and WATCHTOWER. However, the CEREBRUM maintains its own musical identity and delivers a balanced dose of technical and Death Metal. The performance of the band is top notch and while due to the raw production everything is heard in proper levels, the overall outcome sounds from time to time dull, and could be further improved.

CEREBRUM with “Cosmic Enigma” deliver their next installment of Progressive Death Metal an album that can bring sheer enthusiasm to the fans of complex riffing, ruthless rhythm section and intelligent music compositions.

3 Star Rating

1. Utopian Freedom, Dogmatic Truth
2. Subconscious Extraction
3. Dream Infusion Side Effects
4. Vaporized to Feed the Profound Abyss (..Sinking Endlessly)
5. Oblivious Eons
6. Phobos Manipulation
7. Self Regenerate
8. Enter the Void
9. Chaotic Orbits Align
10. Cosmic Enigma
11. Swirling Liquid Pellets (Vitiate the Infinite Vacuum)
12. S.G.S (Subliminal Gravity Symptoms)
Mike Papadopoulos - Guitar
Jim Touras - Guitar, Vocals
George Skallkos - Bass
George Kollias - Drums
Record Label: Amputated Vein Records


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