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Chach - To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence (CD)

To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 19 August 2005, 7:28 PM

Make no mistake, this is a return to and a perversion of the soundtrack for the good times - ridin' in the backseat of your cool older brother's Chevelle, gettin' prepped for a night out with the girl/boy known for delivering the goods on the first date, or waking up in the lawn of your neighbor's house wearing their son's pajamas. - I don't think I could have come up with a better intro than this excerpt from the band's press kit…
Well, since I don't have any kind of bio, concerning the band's past, I'll start by posting Chach's description of what they sound like, as found on Then I'll move on to my description/judgmenet of what's on their debut enhanced (multimedia) EP, To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence.
Chach according to Chach: Please pour the following ingredients into a clean, party-sized blender. Wearing your high school gym uniform with the butt cheeks cut out is optional, but preferred. 1) One pair of aviator sunglasses. 2) One happy ending. 3) One Larry Clark movie. 4) One copy of Frank Zappa's 'Sheik Yerbouti'. 5) One overdose followed by an AA meeting splash. 6) One giant silver 'Don't Mess With the Best' belt buckle. 7) One tube of cherry red lipstick. 8) One obliterated liver. 9) One slice. 10) One black and white checkered sneaker. 11) One Motorhead sticker. 12) One Double O Boner film. 13) One generous mound of love pudding. Make sure these ingredients are blended vigorously. Pour the subsequent elixir into your CD player. Realize what a moron you'd be to do something this stupid, and wonder aloud why hot chicks would rather be appreciated for their minds rather than their bodies, and why dudes with tons of money are usually ugly.
Chach according to Orpheus: It was a hot summer night, the sweat was running down my almost dehydrated body like the Niagara falls and the crickets were busy bitching right outside my window when… I came across Chach on What a wonder technology can be nowadays I thought and sat patiently for the first Mp3 sample to load. From The Throne poured itself elegantly into my empty whiskey glass, as elegantly as a rattle snake around my foot, and what I felt was I was listening to something really dirty but cool… I was listening to Rock N' bloody Roll the way it's meant to be on a hellish summer night. I had no second thoughts about it; I contacted the band and a week later the To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence EP would be laying on my desk, giving me the ol' dirty wink.
The band's style is somewhere between the valleys of Stoner Rock, Hard Rock and maybe (slightly) Pop rock. Yep, there's a bit of everything in there, even some Heavy Metal guitar riffs (like at the end of From The Throne which by the way is my favorite track off the EP). The production is just the way it should be, clear in a sense and down dirty when required. Thus kudos should go out to the band's longtime collaborator (though as I said, I don't know a thing concerning the band's past) Jeff MacDonald who was responsible for the production, Frank Gryner (A Perfect Circle, BT, The Crystal Method) for mixing the album and Tom Baker for mastering it at Precision Mastering.
But it's not just the production that makes this EP quite interesting, thumbs up should also go to the band's members: James, Mimi, Chad, Dawn and Jimi for incorporating la vida Rock inside their music. Oh wait, or is that the other way around? Either way, I'm blabbing over this fine sample of what this band may come up with in the near future, so I guess I've more or less said what I felt I wanted to say. Last but not least, I must say that I really enjoyed watching the video of From The Throne. These guys are really nuts, I tell ya…
If you're in a dirty mood, if you wanna listen to something that'll make you wanna slip a condom on your tongue and go lick your neighbor then I highly suggest To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence. For purchasing info you can contact the band through their official website or their profile.
- Album Highlights: From The Throne, Monte Carlo Blues, the hot chicks on the front cover (who are also in the video clip for From The Throne) of the EP and the undying thirst for dirty Rock N' Roll!

3 Star Rating

From The Throne
Monte Carlo Blues
Found That Love
Hot Pocket
From The Throne (Video)
James - Drums
Mimi - Guitar
Chad - Vocals
Dawn - Bass
Jimi - Guitar
Record Label: Self Released


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