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Chain Collector - The Masquerade (CD)

Chain Collector
The Masquerade
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 December 2005, 9:16 AM

I had also reviewed the band's previous release, the Forthcoming Addiction mini/demo CD. That's the mere reason I got this one to spend a few hours with. Ok, it's also about the name. A band or album title that features the words 'skull', 'bone' or 'flesh' is always a teaser for my perverted likes…
Kjetil Nordhus and Anders Kobro may be two names familiar for the ones who have devoted the major part of their CD collection to the Scandinavian extreme Metal scene: previously known for their works with none other than In The Woods and Green Carnation. In addition, Kobro spent some time with Carpathian Forest, along with Chain Collector guitarist Goran Bomann who had also contributed work to Neon God with fellow axeman Kjell Jacobsen (also in Chain Collector now). Wow, what a strong 'bond' this is!
The Forthcoming Addiction Demo CD featured some interesting elements, while it was obvious that there was lots of work yet to be done, in terms of songwriting consistency and musical ID. Well, it seems that The Masquerade is the point of entry for Chain Collector into the huge 'tent' of Scandinavian Death Metal carnival. The album is released in Europe, Canada, South America and Australia via Massacre Records and through Sound Riot in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world, while the artwork for the cover was designed by Graal - designer for bands like Behemoth, Vader, Rotting Christ etc. - and surely puts you in the picture, at first.
Recorded in DUB Studio with producer Endre Kirkesola, The Masquerade could easily be promoted only as a typical Gothenburg Death Metal album. Still, there's not just this. Metalcore grooves are apparent here and there while I was surprised to see that the band also flirts with Indie/Alternative music at times. Both Heavy (clean) and Death (dirty…) vocals form a rather notable duo while the entire songs' instrumentation fits like a glove onto the musical scope of the band. Nothing original, I ensure you, except maybe from the 'progressive' composing approach, which open-minded Swedish Death Metal fans will find somewhat appealing.
Well, if Dark Tranquillity and the rest of the known gang is not your kind of taste, then you won't find any interest in The Masquerade. Otherwise, you could try it out, the rating for you is +1 point. Well, the musicianship impressed me more than the music itself (like Nevermore - I had to say this!!!).

3 Star Rating

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Goran Bomann - Guitar
Kjetil Nordhus - Vocals
Svenn Aksel Henriksen - Screaming Vocals
Anders Kobro - Drums
Kjell Jacobsen - Guitar
Endre Kirkesola - Session Bass, Keys & Samples
Ingjerd Kolstad - Session Choir On Crucifixion
Record Label: Massacre Records


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