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Chainbreaker - Lethal Desire

Lethal Desire
by Chris Hawkins at 04 February 2019, 11:38 AM

Extreme Metal gratitude is owed to purist label Hells Headbangers.  While our music is getting diluted elsewhere and stripped of truth and dignity, this label is perpetuating the coming apocalypse with a selection of suitable soundtracks by legions of true Metal bands.   CHAINBREAKER is no exception.  Formed in 2013 in Toronto, this band’s ethos is to create musical mayhem in the vein of the best Thrash and Speed Metal.  They succeed.  “Lethal Desire” is the first proper full-length from this band comprised of current and former members of RAMMER, CAULDRON, and TOXIC HOLOCAUST.  They perform Metal that could be likened to soothing comfort food for the headbanger’s soul at rest in hell.

Atomica” is a fitting name for the first track for this explosively starts the album.  Chainsaw guitars and thrashing drums provide the context and old school negative, punishing vocals proclaim lyrics to the mayhem.  The second track, “Born Loud,” is proof that Metal truly lives!  If one ever needed a reminder why deafening volume and alcohol are such a great way to enjoy our beloved genre, this is it.  Thus far, the fourth track, “Get yer Feed,” has to be the catchiest tune.  Raucous, loud, offensive, explicit, and in poor taste all describe this track perfectly, an exercise in metallic button-pushing sure to piss off mothers and SJWs all over.

The eighth track, “Constant Graving,” was the title track to the band’s debut EP from 2014.  The double bass hammers like panzer tanks rolling in to decimate a European city.  “Hellbound,” the ninth track, has an anthemic quality.  Bon Scott was right when he proclaimed “hell ain’t a bad place to be”.  I can see him chugging some Jack Daniels listening to this.  The eleventh track, “March of the Dead,” is one of the most brutal tracks on the album.  The riffs and drums locked in are absolutely punishing.  When everything is at the very brink of going off the rails, it sounds best.  This is proof.

This is Heavy Metal for fans of classic bands that raised hell and took no prisoners.  CHAINBREAKER plays in the style of MOTORHEAD, VENOM, SODOM, and RAZOR.  This is the perfect soundtrack to weekend sessions of debauchery as the music hits all of those zones of evil in the brain.  Why limit it to the weekend, though?  Were someone to spin a convincing back story of this band and their history from 1984, I would probably believe it.  For those who like their Metal loud, fast, and dangerous, look no further.

Songwriting:  8
Originality:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  7


3 Star Rating

1. Atomica
2. Born Loud
3. Chainbreaker
4. Get yer Feed
5. Lethal Desire
6. Methalina
7. Leatherized
8. Constant Graving
9. Hellbound
10. Postmortem Dreams
11. March of the Dead
12. The List
Al Biddle – Drums
Ian Chains– Guitars
Rob Ouellette – Vocals
Phil Zeller – Bass
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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Edited 22 November 2019

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