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ChainReaction - A Game Between Good And Evil

A Game Between Good And Evil
by Dan Mailer at 23 May 2014, 11:30 PM

Hardworking metal quartet CHAINREACTION have been at it since 2003’s "First Link", and having worked on 2 EPs since they are now releasing their debut album, "A Game Between Good And Evil". With some awesome riffs, thundering yet melodic basslines and some powerful drums topped off by a good female power singer, the band has forged a sound that should see them to some success on the European scene.

Opening with "Have No Fear", heavy guitars kick in from the get-go to let you know these guys aren’t messing about; this is a nice straight forward song with some nice vocal melodies and some cool solos. From faster tracks like "Straight From Hell", with some great Power Metal drumming supported by great chugging guitars and some nice bass playing, to more “80s” sounding tracks like "Angels Never Die" which feels a bit more mainstream and catchy but no less a good song, this is an album with some diversity to it, not sticking to one style like many bands with female singers seem to do at the moment. There’s a nice ballad on the album in the form of the track "Dreaming", which has some nice 80's moments as well as some great vocals too.

My top track from the album is easily the furious "Where Is God" with its stabbing guitar intro and some awesome melodies throughout; there’s a nice tense feel to the track that I can really get behind too, and some awesome bass guitar moments hidden away in the mix too. The Album ends with "Be Honest", plus a bonus track "Born To Rock", which is a nice anthemic sounding track with a bit of a cheesy theme. "Be Honest" has a really cool old school feel to the guitars, with some awesome melodic moments throughout and a powerful atmosphere that finishes the album with punch.

The production is quite good throughout, crunchy guitars gelling well with deep bass guitar and a nice Metal drum sound too. The vocals are also well produced and mixed, fitting well with the music. Overall, this is a strong debut album, lots of nice speedy song interspersed with some slower tracks that keep the pacing good throughout. A good debut album, with great sound and offering something different for fans of female singers.

3 Star Rating

1. Have No Fear
2. Angels Never Die
3. Stolen Fire
4. Straight From Hell
5. Anthem For Humanity
6. Warrior
7. Where Is God
8. Dreaming
9. Wash My Tears
10. Be Honest
11. Born To Rock
Conny Bethke – Vocals
Scott Boelter – Guitars / Vocals
Christoph Quant – Bass / Vocals
David Flenner - Drums
Record Label: Pure Underground Records


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