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Chainsnap - Burn Eternal Award winner

Burn Eternal
by Neil Cook at 03 March 2020, 3:10 PM

CHAINSNAP, in their words play “an evil mix of Thrash and Modern Metal”, and they are not wrong.  My first listen to this album was driving alone on a rainy winters night, and it creeped me out! I swear I glanced in the rear view mirror and the devil was sitting in my back seat, banging his horned head along.  Not satanic, or Black Metal, just that they sound evil, like a twisted horror story told in song for.

The band hail from WisconSIN (again as they put it) USA.  Formed in 2002, releasing their debut "Hollow" in 2004.  "Burn Internal" was first released in 2018, and is released on Sliptrick Records in 2020. Other than that there is little or no further information on the band, which feels right, this should be enigmatic, it adds another layer of mystery to them.

The opening track “Vampiress” tells the tail of a lady bloodsucker and her needs. Eddie Buerger’s vocals are crystal clear and add to the menace and power the track, and are underpinned by the growled backing vocals, not just on this track, but whenever they are used.

Lies”  is a thrashy, pounding song, with about 3 different vocal styles going on, and boy do they work. From the gravelly staccato delivery of some lines to Burgers’s clear delivery on the verses, and back to the growl and back again. “Insanitation,” whilst a pacier song carries on in a similar vein.  The drumming on this track underpins the track. It has a groove of its own, and the use of the voices again is great.  It is the dark deep tone of some passages that pile on the menace, giving them their evil sound.

Huh!  Is how “Suicide Break” starts before launching into an almost funky, thrash mélange. This is one of the more modern sounding tracks, at least to these old ears, but that just gives it a different sound. From a very new sounding tune to one which reminds me of an earlier time completely. “Adrenaline Junkie,” for me has a feel of 60-70’s American Punk, of the ilk of the MC5, or the STOOGES in it delivery, especially the guitars on this track.  A real quick punk thrash. Bang! And its gone. “Break It”.  What a track! A gothic groove about war, or at least to my ears.

Crossroads,” built on a superb drum sound and spoken growl and clear vocal, which is definitely CHAINSNAP’s signature sound. I’ve made quite a thing of the vocal delivery of this album and again I have to highlight it again on “Cut Off”. The two voices on this track work amazing well together and really underpin the feeling of madness and despair.  The track sounds like a breakdown.  BUT the vocal would not work if it were not for the musicianship of the band.

Then lets go off at  complete tangent of the closer. “Hollow,” is again a very modern sounding track.  Reminding me of RAMMSTEIN, with it’s blend of almost dance rhythms  and keys, and the voice (again).  Hold on! Is that scratching I can hear! It is! Excellent finish to an amazing, thought provoking, and disturbing in places album.

I love this album, it is different, it rocks, you can mosh to it an dance to it.  I must comment the vocals, the clarity and variation is what makes the album memorable, but is only one component part to the sound.  If the band were not as good as the vocals it would simply not work, and it does. A dark disturbing, brooding, thrashing deep album. Just don’t listen on your own on a dark night, on foggy rainy road if you are of a nervous disposition.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Vampyress
2. Lies
3. Insanitation
4. Suicide Brake
5. Adrenaline Junkie
6. Break It
7. Crossroads
8. Cut Off
9. Hollow
Eddie Buerger – Vocals
Matt Kingery – Bass/Vocals
Alex Kawleski – Drums/Vocals
Keith Monville – Guitar
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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