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Chamber Of Unlight - Realm Of The Night

Chamber Of Unlight
Realm Of The Night
by Andrew Harvey at 03 October 2021, 10:01 PM

So, we have a black metal band from the country of Finland, originally this band named CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT was conjured up by NECROSIS, on vocals/guitar/bass and KASSARA on drums. Then along came the other members including INFECTION on guitar also coupled with second guitarist LEPER and lastly but not least VNOM on bass guitar. NECROSIS comes from bands like AJATTARA, DEATHCHAIN and TROLLHEIMS GROTT whereas KASSARA is from the likes of BYTHOS, HORNA, DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED and also TROLLHEIMS GROTT.

Now the band are a quintet, they are now ready to show they’re eager for black metal chaos, with their debut album REALM OF THE NIGHT succeeding their demos from 2017. The album is mainly seven tracks as the preliminary track titled “Prooemium” is merely a jaw dropping, occultic and ghastly soundscape or collection of sound effects. But this is then interrupted by “Crowns Of Divinity” which pulsates the pure rage and fury of almighty vengeance. Vocals are very much the drive behind the mass hysteria with drums supporting the lower end.

“Revelations Of Crafts” follows very much the same vocal treatment but with highlights of drums and guitar. Drum patterns step up a notch and compliment the sustained guitar at one stage. Slight variation in tempo with drums and guitar. “On The Path Of Thy Shadow” comes with the impending doom of what we have heard before but there isn’t much variation either. “From Grey Tombs” also steps up a notch with rhythm and tempo before a couple of spooky screams. The listener could be left with feelings of isolation, fear and nervousness to the extent we don’t expect the constant screaming.

There is a sliding motion on guitar that stands out accompanied by a full thrust of drums that are consistent and very familiar. “Summoning The Spirit Of The Dead” as before propels the elements of black metal into the spotlight but becomes the main drive behind this track. “Slumber” is very much the same with vocals sounding evil, sinister and occultic. This is also the longest track timing over 6 minutes as if pulsating at a persistent, rhythmic movement. “Uncelestial Light(The Chamber)” seems to really conclude on a positive ending like what we started with, which is mass anarchy.

There are no stopping guys  and they really pull out all the stops here to finish their debut album. Overall I felt the album was gloomy and haunting but rather monotonous too but I do feel more can be done, maybe it will get better with the band’s next release. Think the band just needs to take a more cautious or organic approach which is required for the next release.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Prooemium
2. Crowns Of Divinity
3. Revelations Of Dark Crafts
4. On The Path Of Thy Shadow
5. From Grey Tombs
6. Summoning The Spirit Of The Dead
7. Slumber
8. Celestial Light(The Chamber)
Juha “Necrosis” Harju - Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Mynmi “Infection” Luukkainen - Guitar
Liro “Leper” Illman - Guitars & Bass
Ville “VnoM” Markkanen - Bass
Lauri “Kassara” Rytkönen - Drums
Record Label: Werewolf Records


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Edited 05 October 2022

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