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Chaos Divine - Legacies Award winner

Chaos Divine
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 20 September 2020, 11:33 PM

It’s been five long years since CHAOS DIVINE released their “Colliding Skies” album, but the songs are still etched in my memory. They are perhaps a lesser known Progressive Metal band based out of Australia, but things are about to change for them with the new album “Legacies.” Known for soaring vocal harmonies, and thick instrumentation, along with some tender and memorable moments, the band has made a name for themselves for sure. “Legacies” contains thirteen tracks.

“Instincts” kicks off the album. It opens with an eerie guitar riff and some light accents in the guitars. David sings with everything he has, as usual, with full vocal harmonies. The chorus is a big punch to the face, filling the air with vaulted harmonies. The harsh vocals in the second verse give the song a totally different feeling. Fierce and intense, they resonate as anger to the listener. “No Savior” opens with a much faster feeling of haste, and a heavy guitar accent ridden intensity that soon levels off in the charming chorus. More of those harsh vocals make an appearance, keeping the listener on their toes.

“Unspoken” opens with some Progressive Metal elements, twisting the meter to the band’s will. It’s mostly done with clean vocals, but some harsh mix in as well, sometimes in duet form. The vocal harmonies once again soar in the chorus. The second verse is all harsh vocals, and they juxtapose so well against the beautiful vocal harmonies in the chorus. David reaches for the sky here with his impressive vocal range. “Only Son” is three-and-a-half-minutes of soothing, calm music. The guitars move slowly, allowing the vocals to take center stage. It has a touch of melancholy, as lead guitar breaks out in a bluesy pattern. It must have some personal meaning to the band, either that or they are just that good at taking you into another world. The guitar solo towards the end is very dexterous and stays on the main key of the song so well.

“Guarding Gravity” comes out of the gate ready to play, with a little faster and more aggressive sound, yet the melody is not lost. The vocals are almost dreamy…close your eyes and be enveloped in this beautiful song. Harsh vocals give it an edge, but it always comes back to that simple yet grandiose melody from the lead guitar. “Colours of War” features a heavier sound out of the gates, with a low riff and then it hits the pavement hard with harsh vocals and choppy guitar notes. This song is purely anger and hatred, as the title would suggest…it’s about war.

“Beacon” was the first single that I heard off of the album, and I am still reeling to this day about how touching it really is. From those opening caressing notes, to that mesmerizing six-note riff, that are at first aggressive, and are leveled by the vocal harmonies in the chorus. David really outdoes himself here. Tender, alluring tones come in after the first chorus, then the guitars, bass and drums come together in a tight rhythm, leading to the second chorus, that just washes away all of your sins. “I’m feeling oceans unseen…and I’m breathing sunlight…words can’t extol these beacons of mine.” By the time that last bit of vocals drop, and the lead guitar breaks in, I have chills running down my spine. It culminates with that six-note guitar rhythm from the beginning, played with meaning.

“False Flags” is another burner, coming at you quickly, with some subtle melody in the guitars, and high end vocals combined with harsh in the first verse. Once again, the vocal harmonies soar to the heavens in the chorus. Those harsh vocals at the end are deep and thick. “Dead Rivers Flow” opens with some more emotional passages, leading to darkness from harsh vocals as the chorus breaks in, high with more of those clean vocal harmonies. The bridge leading to the final chorus is just a bit of a reprieve. “Behind the Seal” opens with big, thick guitars and ultra-harsh vocals. Progressive elements are strong here, as the band shows some seasoned musicianship.

“The Key” opens with marching tones, leading to some ethereal vocals, and I’m undecided if it’s a message of hope or despair. It rides that line so well, teetering a bit from one side to another. But the chorus answers that question for me…it’s a message of hope. “Legacies” is a short pause of two minutes of pure beauty. The kind that you would like to bottle up and take with you everywhere in life. It comes alive, right in front of your face. “Into the Now” closes the album; an eight-minute opus. This song has it all…tight instrumentation and a healthy dose of melody to boot. The harsh vocals yelling at you to “wake up” are followed by a mellow passage with David’s beautiful vocals barely above a whisper. The guitar solo is so damn pretty, as well as dexterous. The song ends on a pure moment of bliss.

What an absolutely fantastic album this was, and it was well worth the wait. CHAOS DIVINE have left no doubt now that they need to be mentioned alongside the giants of the genre of Progressive music. You will find tender and melodic moments, and angry and harsh moments, sometimes within one song. But perhaps the most striking feature on the album are the vocal harmonies. They bring so much emotion to the music in both the harsh but especially the clean vocals. The harmonies create these big layers, and the music makes for electrifying textures where you feel like your very soul is filled with wondrous joy that will carry you to the end of your days. Bravo!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Instincts
2. No Saviour
3. Unspoken
4. Only Son
5. Guarding Gravity
6. Colours of War
7. Beacon
8. False Flags
9. Dead Rivers Flow
10. Behind the Seal
11. The Key
12. Legacies
13. Into the Now
David Anderton – Vocals
Ryan Felton – Guitars
Michael Kruit – Bass
Simon Mitchell – Guitars
Tim Stelter – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 23 October 2020

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