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Chaos Divine – Colliding Skies Award winner

Chaos Divine
Colliding Skies
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 01 June 2015, 10:49 PM

CHAOS DIVINE is a Heavy Progressive Rock band based out of Perth, Australia. The band formed in 2006, and have previously released two full length albums. “Colliding Skies” is the band’s third, and contains ten tracks. “Landmines” is the opening track, and the longest song on the album. There is an ethereal and sublime opening that soon gives way to a grungy main riff. The two wrestle back and forth with each other in verse and chorus, but the melody wins out in the end. This is an absolutely beautiful track. Perhaps a more understanding statement of my enjoyment here would be that I did not even notice that the track was nearly eight minutes long, and I did not want it to end.

In “Badge of Honor” the pure elegance of the main melody is echoed strongly in the vocals, particularly in the harmonies that just soar into the heavens. The emotion poured into this is as strong as anything I have heard in a while. Diversity is also presented here very nicely in “Painted with Grey,” where we hear a back and forth of clean and Death vocals, and a harder, grittier sound in combination with the sweet melody. The interlude/bridge/guitar solo section after the second chorus presents a crescendo of sorts that highlight everything that is great about this song. I also love the air of mystery and the dialed up Prog patterns in “Soliders.” It has a darker and groovier swag initially with the instrumentation but once again the vocal harmonies pour over the landscape, engulfing your senses with pure joy and bliss. “Symbiotic” reminds me of free floating over green pastures with a gentle breeze and blue skies. It is impossibly weightless as you have an out of body experience where the world around you seems to just fade away. People could be shooting arrows at you and they would just turn to poofs of clouds before being able to strike you. “Tides” has a frail beauty to go along with the meaty main riff, and the swirling lead guitar section compliments the sound nicely. They really know how to use accent points of emotive culminations as well.

“Before the Dawn” has a bit of a swifter pace and guitar work that is reminiscent to me of Prog giants like DREAM THEATER and PORCUPINE TREE. Though the vocals are more hushed at times, they still hit the high peaks of melodic potency. I think the pensive but simple melody of “The Shepherd” really shines brightly without saying too much. You know the high points are coming, but they still surprise you and fill you with glee, like the first sight of a mountain peak booming into the sky. “Mara” has a heavier and darker side, with the use of minor key. In contrast with a lot of the other tracks that key on major chords, it provides another layer of diversity on the album. Prog can be very good in this regard.

Closing the album is the fitting final song, “With Nothing We Depart.” I find this track to be more introspective and leaves you with some strong departing emotions. I have heard a lot of good Prog lately and it pleases me to know the genre is still very much alive, as well as being re-born with each new band that I hear. This is certainly the case with this album. While the music is unique and has tons of depth and texture, it is absolutely accessible at the same time, with extremely well composed hooks and melodies that would rival the best Pop/Radio composers out there. It’s a masterpiece of melody, splendor and transcendence. Bravo!

5 Star Rating

1. Landmines
2. Badge of Honor
3. Painted with Grey
4. Soldiers
5. Symbiotic
6. Tides
7. Before the Dawn
8. The Shepherd
9. Mara
10. With Nothing we Depart
Dave Anderton – Vocals
Simon Mitchell – Guitars
Ryan Felton – Guitars
Michael Kruit – Bass
Ben Mazzarol – Drums
Record Label: Firerstarter Music


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