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Chaos Invocation - Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond

Chaos Invocation
Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 21 March 2018, 5:07 AM

BLOODGRAPHY Chapter I The Search Of Keys And Gates:

It was in the fourth year of this millennium, when a voice from beyond this world echoed through the cosmos. A voice, that seems to have the ability, to unlock even the thickest mysteries. Few even recognized it, but those who did and dared to listen vigilant, stepped into the circle that is yet known as the fraternity of CHAOS INVOCATION.  Ever since the intent was to express the member’s religious believes with music and to share experiences that they made, while they walk upon the path of snakes leading to spiritual liberation. In 2009 the first eleven credos left the temple and were shared with the outer world. “In Bloodline With The Snake” was released through the World Terror Committee and marked the beginning of the “Living Darkness” era. AD., who played drums on that record, decided to leave the circle and was replaced by T. Due the following two years the fraternity’s banners were carried across the European continent and several live rituals were celebrated. Then, seven years after the voice was firstly heard, it echoed through the cosmos again and passed the arch of the circle’s temple. The recordings of a new opus of luziferian terror were initiated and finally in the thirteenth year of this millennium completely manifested. The result is entitled “Black Mirror Hours”, a 68 minutes long journey into the world of CHAOS INVOCATION. The bells of the temple are ringing and should be heard in every corner of this planet.


The circle of CHAOS INVOCATION is an aggregation of individuals whose religious agendas are of the same nature. With our music we want to manifest luciferian terror within the causal world, while we ourselves try to liberate our mind from all earthly chains. What leads us is not of this world/ plane, so the circle of CHAOS INVOCATION does not identify itself with standards, laws and attitudes configured through nations, churches or political systems and annexations. We have no use for these fetters! We rest in the Lord! STN! “MenSkinDrums Of Doom” has a progressive Black Metal feel to it. The song builds up nicely throughout. A few mini solos that we become accustomed to from the likes of SATYRICON, then explodes. The short embrace of deathgrowls doesn’t seem to go anywhere, but when you listen closely you can hear its actually orchestrating the overall rhythm and melody. The song progresses nicely throughout, allowing you to embrace the melodic instrumentals and the short, but powerful low vocals “Calling From Dudail” kicks off with a flurry of instrumental mayhem, once the vocals kick in, they show short outbursts of clear, but steady vocals, a few deathgrowls bring out the content of the instruments. The main concentration seems to be on them, not vocals, which of course, many bands do. The song progresses well into further melodic outbursts.

The slow vocals is a reminder of the WATAIN influences, still it sounds like their own style, not copying as the beat never fades away, just keeps thing tightly together. It is a great start to the album. Coming out all guns blazing. “Ajna Assassins Absolute” is once more darken fury. The melodic is intense, the vocals, short but keeping it all intertwined beautifully. The spoken word mid-song breaks it down nicely, a mini deathgrowl appears, but the main thing here is the mini melodic solo, it’s just taking you through the rest of the song in an almost relaxing style of tempo.  The melody and tempo are perfect to end any album on, just fading out into the darkness effortlessly “Bloodshed Beyond” is a slow burning flame, almost like a black candle. You can feel the ambience right from the start, even into the initial beautifully controlled solo from A. Spoken word bring the instrumental song to an end, perhaps this could have gone on longer, wishing it to have continued with the amazingly beautiful melody here.

Chaos Invocation” has the distorted thrash CELTIC FROST style start to it that so many Black Metal bands before has used, picking up pace well, wondering where this will take you. The overall pace does not slow for long at any point, a few Melody styles typical off DISSECTION are thrown in here too, allowing a few new styles to be experimented with to a decent degree. The song seems as if it fades away into the final third, but the brief seconds that you had that thought aren’t lasting long as the next bombardment of melodic power hits. “Luciferian Terror Chorale” is pure Blackened Death, that sort of sound that we love from BEHEMOTH and NIGHTBRINGER. It’s fast paced and raw vocals from the off. The dark backing vocals from A brings a new feeling to the intensity. Adding atmosphere and a darkened feeling throughout. This is pure power and passion. A new sounding style to what has been before. Breaking any potential mold of sound that the album has building, beautifully.
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Where Hearts Shall Not Rest (Intro)
2. Calling From Dudail
3. To Fathom The Bloodmist
4. MenSkinDrums Of Doom
5. Obsession Is Always the Answer
6. The Search of Keys and Gates
7. Blackmoon Prayer
8. Luciferian Terror Chorale
9. Chaos Invocation
10. Bloodshed Beyond (Instrumental)
11. Ajna Assassins Absolute
André Meyrink AKA A – Backing Vocals & Guitar
Malte Langenbrinck AKA M – Lead Vocals
Tumulash – Bass
Gionata Potenti AKA Omega– Drums
Record Label: World Terror Committee Productions


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