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Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between The Stars

Chaos Over Cosmos
The Silver Lining Between The Stars
by Santiago Puyol at 21 September 2021, 9:08 PM

CHAOS OVER COSMOS is a Progressive Metal project by Polish guitarist Rafal Bowman and American vocalist KC Lyon, or an International band as they describe themselves on their social media. "The Silver Lining Between The Stars" is their third full-length record, following last year’s "The Ultimate Multiverse". This sci-fi inspired band deliver a gorgeous mix of Progressive Metal, Death Metal and Power Metal with just a hint of Djent and Metalcore.

"Violent Equilibrium" opens the record in quite an abrupt nature. Bowman and Lyon make the most of the almost 11-minute length of the track, trading in playful polyrhythms between guitar, synths and rhythm section. The song is as catchy and relaxing as it remains quite busy in arrangement. It is upbeat, but carries a vague darkness underneath. There is some weird mixing choices, like abrupt fade-outs to signal new sections, but overall it is an intriguing opener. Vocals enter halfway through; a bold statement for sure.

Next comes the synth-heavy "The Last Man In Orbit". More odd-time signatures and polyrhythmic work in the songwriting department. This track ramps up the dynamics and production with beautiful layering on the chorus; it really brings the song to life there as things open up. The wide mix and complex layering of vocals with spacey synths makes you feel as if floating through boundless space. A brutal middle section injects some melodrama. Lyon lays down some gorgeous shredding.

Sitting right in the middle is "Eternal Return", a gorgeous Space Metal instrumental. The track features a ton of ambient synths, weird pad sounds and programmed arpeggios. It makes for a necessary respite, even if it does not lose the edge from previous tracks, mixing in a bit of Djent, sounding very ANIMALS AS LEADERS-esque even.

"Control ZED" shifts things into a more straightforward territory, with an almost Metalcore feel to it. At times, it feels quite Punk-ish, keeping things in flux and adding a sense of urgency. KC lets loose with some vaguely Pop-Punkish, clean vocals for contrast. Even if it is not the first time they are used on the record, it is the first time they feel overtly present. Gothic undertones become apparent from the synth tone choices.

Closer "The Sins Between The Stars" opens up with a dazzling synth and atmospheric guitar intro, almost Post-Rockish in nature. The effected clean vocals add a bit of a Shoegaze or Dream Pop vibe, slightly psychedelic. A song that is very in line with THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE or even the heavier side of PORCUPINE TREE. Its structure feels more cohesive than "Violent Equilibrium’s", which could get a bit disjointed at times. It is an epic, introspective closer with an emphasis on melodic work and emotional impact, rather than on the rhythmically complex songwriting of previous tracks.

It is clear that CHAOS OVER COSMOS looked back at Classic Prog and even AOR for inspiration. "The Silver Lining Between The Stars" is sequenced like a traditional Prog record: 5 tracks, two lengthy epics bookending the album, and three shorter tracks in the middle. Think PINK FLOYD’s "Wish You Were Here" or LED ZEPPELIN’s "Presence", or even KING CRIMSON’s "Larks’ Tongues In Aspic" for a similar kind of tracklist. The religious undertones and murder mystery feel from the lyrics add an interesting twist to this Space Opera metal stravaganza.

Overall, "The Silver Lining Between The Stars" is an excellent record from a power duo with a clear love and deep knowledge of Prog, that have the instrumental and songwriting chops to pull their ambitious concepts off. It might not be reinventing the Prog wheel, but although the influences are there, they do not sound like anyone else. If anything, improved production values or collaborating with other artists could bring their vision to an even stronger place. For now, progheads get to rejoice with this cerebral and emotional work.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Violent Equilibrium
2. The Last Man In Orbit
3. Eternal Return
4. Control ZED
5. The Sins Between The Stars
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, songwriting, programming
KC Lyon – Vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Keaton Lyon – Guest vocals on "The Sins Between the Stars"
Record Label: Independent


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