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Chariots of the Gods – Ages Unsung

Chariots Of The Gods
Ages Unsung
by Michael Bischoff at 12 January 2017, 1:13 PM

Hailing from Ottawa/Canada the five piece band have delivered their 2nd full length release entitled “Ages Unsung” onto the Metal masses and although a band name like CHARIOTS OF THE GODS would suggest a Symphonic Power Metal band from Italy instead of the Melodic Death Metal infused with Metalcore that you end up getting the beginning of the 1st song “Tusk” nevertheless starts off promisingly with a strong melodic death metal riff and a forward driving rhythm section before unfortunately transforming into mediocre Metalcore territory with interchangeable vocals that switch from a more Death Metal style to a emo tinged melodic chorus so typical for this genre. Overall a solid but unspectacular track that is bogged down by typical metalcore mediocrity.

The 2nd song to come out the speakers is the interestingly titled “Of Prometheous and the sacred flame”and is a welcome change of pace to the previous track. A fast predominantly guitar driven melodic death metal song with a great forward driving rhythm section and a pounding double bass beat that reminds the listener of In Flames during their Clayman era the band keeping the vocals in just one style instead of switching between growls and emo type singing.

“With War of the Gods” the band return to the style of the opening number switching between death metal and metalcore albeit with vocals that are better integrated into the overall structure of the track than the aforementioned number. “As the Sky Falls” begins with excellent double bass work that reminds you of Painkiller by Judas Priest  and is perhaps the best song on the album with the two different vocal styles merging surprisingly well and the song moving along at a fast almost thrash metal rate perfectly combining a blistering drum groove with driving guitars and killer harmonies.

“Resurrection” is another well-constructed song which at certain moments brings to mind the vocal leanings of Trivium or Bullet for my Valentine in the opening moments and chorus sections of the song before breaking down to a slower well placed Hardcore breakdown.

“Through darkness and decay” starts as a straight forward hardrock song with clean vocals before an excellent bass break interrupts proceedings before switching into Death Metal intercut with cool breaks and stellar guitar work especially in the rhythm and lead section, this song is another strong contender for being the best song on the album and is a good combination of Hardrock and Death Metal, the singer here able to show off his range that combines clean melodic hard rock vocals with the more aggressive metal style with introspective lyrics. Although in my opinion the album started on more of a negative note with the first song being not that good or original at all, the rest of the album gets progressively better with a good mix between Death Metal and hardcore elements. Although this is not generally the type of Metal I am particularly a fan of, this turned out to be a surprisingly fun listen that should appeal to all the fans the aforementioned genre.

Songwriting: 7/10
Originality: 6/10
Memorability: 7/10
Production: 7/10

3 Star Rating

1. Primordial Dawn
2. Tusk
3. Of Prometheus and the sacred flame
4. As the sky falls
5. Resurrection
6. Through darkness and decay
7. Into oblivion
8. New World
9. Ages Unsung
Chris Therien  – Vocals.
Mathieu St-Amour  – Guitar and backing vocals.
Rock Deziel -  Guitar.
Payam Doryani – Bass and backing vocals.
Dave Gravel – Drums.
Record Label: Independent


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