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Chasing Embers - Beckoning Call Award winner

Chasing Embers
Beckoning Call
by Jo M. Dykes at 04 November 2019, 12:41 PM

CHASING EMBERS are a relatively-new female-fronted Alternative Metal band that entered the metal scene from Kyiv, Ukraine. They were founded in 2016 by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak. Their debut album, “Beckoning Call”, which was released this year on October 3rd, is available on multiple streaming platforms. The band has a mixture of old-school Rock and Nu Metal sound. The band is fronted by singer July Tallina who joined the band back in 2016, and since then, opted to have their debut album released this autumn. If you are a fan of female-fronted Power Metal, then this is the album for you. Although the band was originally auditioning for a male vocalist, they came across July Tallina and the band knew they had found their lead singer. The album is about the issue of industrialization and human separation from the nature, which is not a common theme to be heard so it is a fairly unique album in terms of style.

As far as the individual songs on the album go, there are a few tracks to listen out for such as “Desires And Fears” - which at 4 minutes 39 seconds long, is a song that portrays the band's strength and talent both musically and lyrically. It is a song about fighting inner demons which is full of heart. Another fine song from the new album is the title track “Beckoning Call”. This is a song written about begging for rescue from loneliness. It is a heartfelt song which runs at a lengthy 6 minutes 15 seconds. Another noteworthy song is “The Moonman” - which is a space-oddity type of song struck in the stars. The album is quite an in depth album with lots of heart-wrenching lyrics to accompany the strong vocals and fierce guitar riffs and the well-timed drum beat.  One more song I would advise to listen out for from the debut album, “Beckoning Call”, is track number 5, “Carnage”. It is a song about protection and a deep connection with someone, perhaps a lover. This song holds deep lyrics such as “I can always stay beside you, hold your hand and save from violence, be your island while you sleeping, light the way for your believing.” - showing the reach of the band's songwriting on an emotional level.

Overall, the album “Beckoning Call” has a deep emotional feel to it, as the album's title suggests and shows. CHASING EMBERS have put a lot of heart and soul into writing and producing their debut album. If future albums come in with a similar style and pace, the band will bring us some great music to listen to, as they have done on their debut album. A band who are starting out their musical career by putting a stamp on their own unique brand of metal.

In my opinion, CHASING EMBERS are a great new addition to the Metal scene, which will undoubtedly provide much more to the fans they will acquire over the next while, as the album gains popularity and exposure. I personally enjoyed the album and think fans of female-fronted bands will enjoy the haunting vocals and Alternative style music. One worth listening to if your feeling like connecting with your deeper self.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Beckoning Call
2. Desires And Fears
3. Spiritual
4. High Stakes
5. Carnage
6. Silent House
7. Drown With Me
8. Last Night Tonight
9. The Moonman
July Tallina – vocals
Vladyslav Pospolitak - drums
Oleksandr Zahorulia - guitars
Alexey Hrankyn - guitars
Vladyslav Kachanovskyi – bass
Record Label: Independent


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