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Chasing Ghosts – Bring Me Suffering

Chasing Ghosts
Bring Me Suffering
by Gary Hernandez at 14 August 2020, 8:30 PM

CHASING GHOSTS is a Gothic Metal band out of Milton Keynes, England. There are at least two other bands that go by the same moniker, which I find baffling. A) It’s not such a compelling name that so many bands should be vying for it, and B) Doesn’t anyone check these things? But I digress. CHASING GHOSTS is based in Milton Keynes. Digression number two. Sorry. Do we know how ironic that is? Milton Keynes is essentially a master-planned community that looks like anywhere USA. I mean, they actually have straight roads. Or maybe Milton Keynes is to Gothic Metal as Birmingham is to Doom Metal. Again, irony. Digressions over. Neither of these observations have any bearing on the fact that the second release by CHASING GHOSTS, an EP entitled “Bring Me Suffering,” is an impressive effort.

With five band members plus a guest vocalist (Meghan Pettitt), who features on every track, you get the sense that they put their sound engineer to some serious work. The good news is it seems to have paid off. While there are only three tracks on this EP, they are exceptionally well produced and richly layered with melodic riffs and solos, symphonic synths, and tightly harmonized (and clean) vocals, both male and female. The videos are also nicely shot. In addition to being talented musicians, someone in this band has a good mind for PR. I’m predicting they won’t be Independent for long.

Lyrically, what can I say? This is a Goth band, so you get the brooding, dark but not evil, hyperbolic narratives about emotions and feelings and such. Musically, this is a safe, comfortable album that doesn’t take a lot of risks. And if you think I’m panning the album, I’m not. This is well-executed Goth Metal. The compositions are fluid, the musicianship solid, the vocals verdant. In fact, every track on this album is a standout track. It’s three singles. It’s like throwing a fistful of rocks at a barn — you’re just not going to miss.

If you’ve followed the band from their inception, you’ll note the evolution on this EP includes an uptick on production values (see above) and the addition of female vocals. The performance of Meghan Pettitt simply takes this band to a whole different level. After hearing this album, it would be hard to imagine CHASING GHOSTS without her. Remember THEATER OF TRAGEDY’s first album when Liv Kristine was only featured on two tracks? Yeah, so I’m curious to see where the band goes with this one.

CHASING GHOSTS made all the right moves on “Bring Me Suffering.” Hopefully, they’ll maintain this trajectory and follow-up quickly with a full-length album. The only challenge will be to remain as good, or better, as they are now and inject some innovation — not so much as to shock their fanbase out of their minds, but enough to prove they aren’t following someone else’s template.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Until The End
2. A Darker Place
3. Bring Me Suffering
Lee Brueton – Bass, synthesizers
Ashley Morton – Drums
Harry Mitten – Guitars (lead)
Ashley Clark – Guitars (rhythm)
Nelson Cancini – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 29 September 2020

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