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Chastain - We Bleed Metal Award winner

We Bleed Metal
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 06 November 2015, 12:23 AM

There are times when Metal fans ask me why I detest bands that are trying to bring the style of Metal from the 80s back. My answer is always the same: If you didn't live that time, and if you didn't have the same experience from those days you'll never understand what they meant! The heritage from bands of those golden times is the evolution. Yes, the Metal bands back then were the first ones to evolve, and they gave a step into the future. If you're not from those days, please, don't try to recreate that epoch. And the greater part of young bands who are trying to do so become Dolly clones, nothing more. Do you want a proof? Please, hear a band from the so called old school metal, and them, hear "We Bleed Metal", from North American quartet CHAISTAIN, and be prepared for a lesson from a master.

They are a legend into underground scene worldwide, being a source of inspiration for many Metal bands since then, due their well worked and powerful music. David is a master on guitars, playing in a heavy and technical way, but even with such level, he prefers to concentrate his efforts in creating great and heavy riffs and melodic solos; Leather Leone still sings perfectly, in an aggressive and impacting way. And Mike Skimmerhorn (Bass) and Stian Kristoffersen (Drums) are creating a heavy and technical rhythmic basis. And these four getting along is a signal of an excellent work, and 30 years after the band was formed!

The production is almost perfect, giving the band the right sound quality, clean as water, and heavy as lead. Besides some fans can complain that "it is not like something done on the 80s", it's heavy and thunderous, with musical instruments in the due places.

Personally, I believe that "We Bleed Metal" is in the same shape and grandiosity of albums as 1986's "Ruler of the Wasteland", 1987's "The Seventh of Never", and 1988's "The Voice Of The Cult". The style is the very same, so songs as the powerhouse called "We Bleed Metal", the furious and heavy "Against All The Gods" (what great riffs and solos), the abrasive "I Am A Warrior" (Leather is a fine and great vocalist, indeed, along with great guitar shreds from David), and the energetic "Evolution Of Terror" (with a fine work done by Mike and Stian. The rhythmic session is perfect, creating very good tempo changes).

Surrender yourself to one true 80's Metal assassin!

5 Star Rating

1. We Bleed Metal
2. All Hail The King
3. Against All The Gods
4. Search Time For You
5. Don't Trust Tomorrow
6. I Am A Warrior
7. Evolution Of Terror
8. Last Ones Alive
9. Secrets
Leather Leone – Vocals
David T. Chastain – Guitars
Mike Skimmerhorn – Bass
Stian Kristoffersen – Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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