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Chelsea – Saturday Night Sunday Morning

Saturday Night Sunday Morning
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 August 2015, 4:25 AM

There are times when young Metallians come to “Big Daddy” and ask: why in the blazes Punk Rock is so important to Metal? Obviously, as an old man in Metal scene, I speak with the tenderest voice I can: due its great influence into Metal. If Punk Rock didn’t exist, I can tell you that Metal from the 80s and so on wouldn’t exist. Extreme Metal never could be done, and Punk Rock’s legacy to music is beyond simple words. The entire concept of musical scene, the “DIY” (Do It Yourself) conception, the visual conception (or do you think JUDAS PRIEST’s leather and spikes clothes came from nothingness?) are just a few features that Punk Rock gave to the other musical genders.

This is just few words to describe why a band how CHELSEA deserves a lot of respect from us all. They’re veterans from the scene, but are still active and doing great music, as “Saturday Night Sunday Morning”, their new album, shows clearly. It’s the purest Punk Rock you can find, with some influences from Rock’n’Roll, with a good dose of accessibility to a broader public (please, Punk Rock is not like Death Metal, remember this point), with very good vocals (it reminds us all of something from Bon Scott’s style sometimes), catching guitar riffs and good solos (it’s not a surprise, for James Stevenson, from THE CULT, is here. His name is enough to guarantee a great work on six strings always), and a solid and good work done by bass guitar and drums. It’s not a complex way to do things, or a new try to reinvent the wheel. No, here the Punk Rock is in its finest form.

The sound quality is very good. Not as clean as some can think (but a cleaner sound quality would not fit. It’s a Punk Rock band!), but it works pretty well in their case. It sounds clear enough for us to understand what they are playing. But it has that good and essential dirtiness that their musical style demands. The songs are a perfect mix between the Punk Rock spirit with a hooking and melodic musical accessibility, as I told above. So stay tuned in songs as the catching “It’s About Time” (very good guitar riffs and solo), the savage “We Don’t Believe You” (great vocals and choirs), the anthem “Fuck All” (again very good vocals, along with a good work from rhythmic kitchen), the accessible and hooking “Johnny Has No Respect” (a great refrain, and fine guitar riffs), and the excellent “Promises” and you’ll understand what these guys are all about.

It’s a very good album, indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. It’s About Time
2. Back On the Crazy Train
3. We Don’t Believe You
4. They Don’t Care What You Want
5. Something Wrong in your Head
6. Fuck All
7. You’ve Gotta Survive
8. Johnny Has No Respect
9. You Never Ever Listen
10. Promises
11. Saturday Night Sunday Morning
12. Someone Like You
13. Talk About It
Gene October – Vocals
James Stevenson – Guitars
Nic Austin – Guitars
Mat Sargent – Bass
Lee Morrell – Drums
Record Label: Westworld Recordings


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