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Chemical Way - Chilling Spree

Chemical Way
Chilling Spree
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 11 August 2019, 3:35 AM

You have to love a band that has Biff Tannen (ok, no the real one) as the lead singer. This is a reissue of their first album that was released through limited quantities back in July of 2018. They have been active on the local Quebec scene since 2012, opening for bands from various walks of life and various different musical styles.

They are a throwback to the Metal bands in Montreal back in the 1980’s. They really remind me a lot of what VOIVOD did back in the day when they broke the barriers of Metal here in the Belle Province and was able to have great success elsewhere, especially in Europe. CHEMICAL WAY have this aggressive style but they don’t take themselves too seriously, they make me think of this new era of Thrash Metal bands like IRON REAGAN and MUNICIPAL WASTE. They are part of this new trend of crossover bands, mixing old school but with a newfound edge.

It’s in your face and relentless and never holds back, there is this sense of maturity in the band if you compare to the previous EP, they really sound like a well oiled machine. Something I caught off the bat was their propensity of using humour and various subjects that are completely out there (science fiction , robots, cyborgs and whatnot). They remind me a lot of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH mixed with DRI. Aggressive, but using humour as a weapon. Like I said they are really a throwback to those 80’s bands that were over the top but was always ready to experiment to dish out something different.

They obviously were influenced by MUNICIPAL WASTE, it’s no secret at all but they do things their way and they also pay homage to the early 80’s Thrash Metal bands. It’s a great mix of Old School mixed with the onslaught of the New Wave of Thrash Metal we have been experiencing this last decade or so. A solid release, real promise from a band my Province of Birth!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Certifried
2. Beer Bot
3. Organ Donor
4. This Isn’t Earth
5. Chilling Spree
6. Hall of Meat
7. Sewer Surfer
8. Beer Police
9. No Fly Zone
10. 24s and Whores
11. Judd Dredd
12 Frost Fright
Biff Tannen  – Bass
BullRoyce – Guitars
Scott Renaud – Drums and Vocals
Ox - Guitars
Record Label: Rock It Up Records


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Edited 09 August 2020

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