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Chiro - Tunnel Award winner

by JOGANEGAR at 11 January 2018, 5:55 AM

CHIRO is a Band from Sweden with tendencies to Sludge and Stoner Metal, with really low frequencies and dark and chaos oriented lyrics, the amount of effort it takes to transform from one band to a totally different concept can be tiring and gruesome in some cases, but in the case of CHIRO, formerly known as CHIRO THERIUM, the change seems to have fitted perfectly with the band’s attitude and new Album called Tunnel.

The names of the songs are short and direct just like the band’s approach to the way of depicting their music and the manner of including the importance of contrasts in the moment when a powerful song like “Burning,” constructed in the same principle within itself when it is preceded by such an interesting piece of audio experimentation as “Storm,” a short but outstanding piece of musical creation that allows us to focus on what this band has to say through it music and the path that future works may follow in the not so far future. “Burning” can then be defined as an onslaught of a song trampling on the way of whatever doubts where left before its predecessor parted the Tunnel in two.

This band is another example of one of the paradoxes that always gets me thinking about what some call selling out, or softening up, something that to me  is just a matter of evolution both in essence and in appearance, it has happened to OPETH, ANATHEMA and some of the most notorious Progressive Metal bands and artists, which have found the main core of their music changing along the years, not that CHIRO would be turning into anything less brutal in the future, fir as this album depicts, it does not take an unintelligible sort of riffs and tempos to maintain brutality and harshness, since slowing it down does nothing but enhance the effect of the hand of CHIRO as an example of how the times change as the wind blows and the rivers run, but one cannot change its own nature even if the passing of days slows down our pace.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Supreme
2. Tunnel
3. Ben
4. Dozer
5. Womb
6. Porcus
7. Flow
8. Storm
9. Burning
10. Coust
11. Bender
Simon Fontana - Guitar
Kent Svendsen - Bass
Carsten Nielsen - Drums
P.O. Linnet Poulsen - Vocals
Record Label: Mighty Music


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