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Choria - Black Secret Beyond of Nature Award winner

Black Secret Beyond of Nature
by Kyle Scott at 01 January 2019, 4:30 AM

From deep within the darkest annals of lush jungles that surround Indonesia comes CHORIA, an Atmospheric Black Metal band that comes packed with enough instrumental bliss to make any Melodic Death Metal band green with envy. While the members are well adjusted to Black Metal and have thrived in the scene as early as 2008, CHORIA is still relatively new, formed in 2016. CHORIA’s music is towering, intimidating, complex and dark. With an early FINSTERFORST meets HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY vibe, CHORIA’s full-length debut Black Secret Beyond of Nature contains a thriving ecosystem of black noise.

The beauteous “Secret Ancient” Tryptic is majestic in its serious stoicism. Lead vocalist and guitarist Muhamad “Rsharsh” Leonard delivers his vocals with the intensity of a caustic acid rain, driving a stake into the heart of the song’s atmosphere, Drummer Vart spilling blast beats from his tachycardic heart. With the haunting combination of strings, synth and riffs as heavy as the sins you carry, CHORIA creates towering gardens and forests of mythical proportions. They inject a large amount of Folk Metal into their songs to create sonic environments otherworldly.

“Magic Behind Turnaround of Winter” is delicate and solemn with warming notes of pulsating white light almost capable of blinding all else. It’s like listening to Spring again after a long and arduous Winter. The atmospheres CHORIA conjures in Black Secret Beyond of Nature, blending and birthing new combinations with the riffs and tapping cymbals can be seen as a refreshing take on Black Metal. Battering drumlines and anguished screams still exist, but it’s done more as a purging to find some sort of peace and not just for the sake of spewing rage everywhere and infecting people.

You could probably spend hours in the worlds that CHORIA has created, from “Vast Stretches of Ocean” to “Past the Southern Pole”. Black Secret Beyond of Nature is imaginative as it is ominous. Part WILDERUN, part INSOMNIUM, CHORIA is wholly unconventional in their sound.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Secret Ancient I-Forest Cold South
2. Secret Ancient II-Nature Teaches
3. Secret Ancient III-Natural Life Outside of Dome
4. Magic Behind Turnaround of Winter
5. Vast Stretches of Ocean
6. Age of Sky
7. Celestial Sphere on Air
8. Past the Southern Pole
9. The Sound of Sky Straight
10. From Winter Wind to Green
Fahrul “Vakh” Vjellstrom -  Bass
Zardlord Blasphemor - Guitar
Setiawan “Steew” Cahya - Keyboard
Vart - Drums
Muhamad “Rsharsh” Leonard - Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Limited Blasting Productions


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Edited 19 September 2019

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