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Chotzä – Plump u Primitiv (10 Jahr Furchtbar)

Plump u Primitiv (10 Jahr Furchtbar)
by Andrew Graham at 21 September 2021, 9:20 PM

Swiss Black Metal duo CHOTZÄ celebrate their tenth anniversary with a rerecording of their debut album, Plump u Primitiv. Having proven resilient despite numerous line-up changes, this band, led by the vision of Szivilizs, have managed to persevere in their goal to deliver “anti-social black metal”.

Album opener “Hass Musig” effectively pave the way for what’s coming. There’s a definite ‘take-no-prisoners’ mentality evident here! The music is as rough as one would expect of a Black Metal release, with even vaguely punky vibes on display – it’s nice to see these bands actually acknowledge their punk influences – under most other circumstances it is distinctly un-KVLT! “Plump U Primitiv” is a relatively slow tempo track (at least as far as Black Metal is concerned) but loses no potency as a result. There is dissonance and disquiet aplenty, along with a rather tasty guitar solo mid-way, something of an oddity within Black Metal. “Todfiggä” is the closest thing to a Black Metal anthem I’ve ever heard. Compulsively listenable, another belter of a solo mid-way through, a real treat for the ears!

“Jesus Vo Na(rsch)zareth” kind of stretches suspension of disbelief to its limits with irreligion so blatant you feel like you’re being beaten over the head with it. Nonetheless, there’s plenty to enjoy here. The drumming is especially well done with plenty of flair on show! “Kabutt” has a real punk attitude about it, pushing the blackened aspect even further to its credit. “Schliimschiisä” opens in ominous fanfare not entirely unlike MAYHEM’S “Freezing Moon” in grandiosity. Quite slow in places, the distressing aspect here comes from some deeply unsettling riffs that are delivered with real menace, a feeling which is maintained right through to the final moments in a climactic, dissonant parting chord.

In “D' Eva Mitem Chuchimässer” we really begin to see black n’ roll pushing through (we even get a beautiful, yet bizarrely out of place, melodic section with solo). Black n’ roll really comes to the fore with bonus track “Schtumpf Isch Trumpf”, with an almost groovy quality about it: an uncomplicated crowd pleaser! “Wäuschä Wii” opens with acoustic guitars and raucous group vocals – imagine a black metal pub and you have the idea! There’s almost a melancholic feel to this track. It’s definitely not conventionally Black Metal, though certainly doesn’t make it into Blackgaze/Post-Black Metal territory. Still Black Metal but with a healthy chunk of originality and creativity pumped in (and not one, not two, but three very nice solos!)

All things considered this is a healthy and hearty offering of Black Metal filth, with a little bit of a twist. Classic fans of the genre will find plenty to enjoy, whilst also being able to enjoy a few unconventional flourishes here and there. Certainly to be commended and recommended, good stuff gents!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hass Musig
2. Plump U Primitiv
3. Todfiggä
4. Jesus Vo Na(rsch)zareth
5. Kabutt
6. Schliimschiisä
7. D' Eva Mitem Chuchimässer
8. Schtumpf Isch Trumpf
9. Wäuschä Wii
Szivilizs – Vocals, guitars, bass
Raven Dust – Lead guitar
Record Label: Folter Records


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