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Christ Denied - Cancer Eradication

Christ Denied
Cancer Eradication
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 September 2013, 5:55 PM

“If you are a Christian, you are about are about to begin a fascinating journey…”, and the filthy agony commenced, right through the gory end, there will be no rest or comfort for religious believers, only untimely brutal Death, blasphemy and obliteration. In one of the most repelling and sickening ways possible, the repulsive Spanish duo of veterans named CHRIST DENIED, with their brand new release “Cancer Eradication”, via Xtreem Music, demanded to feast your eyes on the mayhemic nature of Christianity. “Cancer Eradication” marks the duo’s return to official studio activity after nearly being out for almost a decade. Harnessing a variety of gore drenched Death Metal attributes, body smashing, neck breaking and spine shattering manifestations, within the viciousness of CHRIST DENIED you will find the early 90s brutal Death Metal contaminations originated in the US, yet also a few Dutch and Swedish disgorgements. Respectfully, after heeding and listening to this new shindig, their absence wasn’t missed by any chance.

“Cancer Eradication” is probably one of the fewest of records where the recorded intros, where those exist, seemed better than the following music. CHRIST DENIED wanted a chaotic pandemonium and they got it. Crazy for me to admit, yet I noticed Dave Rotten and Roger Infected’s passion for their music to fulfill voids tossed aside by modern brutal Death Metal bands, retaining the sacrilegious debauchery of older times, tackling religion in any turn. As far as their original ideas go, there is no problem here. However, when it comes to their actual song writing, it has been one of my worst experiences in extreme Metal music or in Metal in general. Though “Blasphemic Blessings”, “Limbless God” and  “Infidel's Triumph”, the latter being a little bit idealistic than the other two, have something to offer when it comes to the guitar riffing, sometimes mixed with a blackened measured fallacy, yet I deemed them to promptly reach a wall of bricks, splattering all over it. Besides being absolutely lackluster and exaggeratedly recycled like a thousand times before, CHRIST DENIED appeared to be sinking in their own blood and guts, even with conveying a few interesting riffs and several programmed drum inducements. Vocally, with no impertinence to Dave Rotten as the frontman, there were times where I nearly laughed myself out to death. The term shocking is irrelevant, meaty gory is the right one to go after. Rotten’s toad meets pig squeals vocal techniques, can’t even perceive them as growls, appeared as if as a joke, especially with the monotonous “Be Be Be Be Be” crossing at every turn that seemed reckless and daft. I believe that he actually pukes lyrics, but nothing is distinguishable even for a bit, and Roger Infected isn’t helping with his backup vocals either.

I am positive that if I will tune to CHRIST DENIED’s early release of 1996, I will surely be able to find the same horrific resolution. “Cancer Eradication” has a well named list of songs; it divulges the fiercer kind of Death Metal intensity, yet shot down quick when it comes to its delivery. Unknown if this project has been just for kicks, yet the last thing I can call this maniacal obstruction of Metal, is good.   

1 Star Rating

1. Weak Lunatics
2. Blasphemic Blessings
3. Putrid Christian Blood
4. Christ Is Gone
5. Limbless God
6. Prophylactic Execution
7. Beheading the Abomination
8. Infidel's Triumph
9. Of the Underworld (Imprecation cover)
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Roger Infected - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Backup Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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