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Christian Mistress - To Your Death

Christian Mistress
To Your Death
by Aaron “Five Magics” Price at 02 December 2015, 7:29 PM

Doom Metal is a funny thing, isn’t it? Quite ironic for something called Doom, when you pick up a Doom album it could be anything from slowed down, super slow tempo 10-20 minute songs like what you’ll get from SLEEP, ELECTRIC WIZARD and YOB. On the other hand you have bands that can make gritty, raw Rock and Roll sounding Doom Metal. Some bands able to write like this are THE OATH/LUCIFER or, the band we are talking about today, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS. Signed to Relapse Records, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS will be releasing their third album, “To Your Death”, and it’s something to be looked for. Although more of a traditional Heavy Metal band, a lot of things like to call them Doom, but Metal is Metal, so oh well.

Opening the album is the track “Neon,” holding a steady pace and introducing you to our vocalist Christine Davis. She will take you on a journey with the help of the instruments in the background and some exceptional song writing; “when we meet the dark, everything’s alright.” The album really takes off with the second and third songs, “Stronger Than Blood” and “Eclipse”, which are a bit more straight-up Heavy Metal, with faster tempos and rocking lyrics. The aforementioned “Eclipse” is where you start to see the Doom Metal inspiration, as lyrics of the occult are placed in talking about “the fall of Lucifer.”

Ultimate Freedom” becomes more of a ballad, being slowed down and using clean instrumentals and incredibly beautiful and haunting vocals. Although about a quarter of the way into the song, there is a bit of a guitar solo and the tempo of the instruments is kicked up a little bit; the song is incredible from beginning to end with Davis’ vocals at the forefront taking you on this journey of the infernal machines. The song gradually gets heavier, the final quarter being the heaviest and loudest, demanding your attention and showing the talents specifically of Tim Diedrich and Oscar Sparbel in each of their solos placed brilliantly throughout the song. Unlike “Ultimate Freedom” though, “Lone Wild” is a nearly consistently, slowish paced song; the instrumentals aren’t over the top in any case, but the harmonizing guitar riffs under Davis’ vocals are a pleasure to the ears, and of course, being Metal, the only section that’s a bit higher speed is our guitar solo part way through the song.

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS wrote an album that does service to traditional Heavy Metal and, if you want to call them it, Doom Metal. From beginning to end, this album is a pleasure to listen to, the riffs are catchy, the vocals can range anywhere from beautiful to haunting and ghostly. If you’re a fan of THE OATH/LUCIFER who have found recent fame, you’ll easily be a fan of CHRISTIAN MISTRESS and especially their new album “To Your Death”.

4 Star Rating

1. Neon
2. Stronger Than Blood
3. Eclipse
4. Walkin’ Around
5. Open Road
6. Ultimate Freedom
7. Lone Wild
8. III
9. TYD
Christine Davis - Vocals
Tim Diedrich - Guitars
Oscar Sparbel - Guitars
Jonny Wulf - Bass
Reuben Storey - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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