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Chrome Division - Doomsday Rock N Roll (CD)

Chrome Division
Doomsday Rock N Roll
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 July 2006, 7:38 AM

Sagrath  plays the guitar? And he plays dirty Rock & Roll with Chrome Division? Fuck yeah! I like that! This CD will surely be my best friend for a while. So, Norwegian Rock & Roll by blacksters. Sounds funny. Let's see what we are going to face…
Formed in 2004, the all-star band that features members of Dimmu Borgir, Minas Tirith and Ashes To Ashes is a dirty Rock & Roll act. Pretty weird, huh? Drummer Lex Icon from The Kovenant was replaced by Minas Tirith's Tony White. Chrome Division managed to sign a contract with Nuclear Blast in late January 2006. The result is Doomsday Rock N' Roll, a filthy little sleazy gem…
Many people consider Chrome Division to be Sagrath's project. They're totally wrong! Chrome Division is a complete band in every aspect. Based on bands like Motorhead, Spiritual Beggars and Kyuss, they deliver a dirty Rock album that can smash your bones! It's the perfect album to drink your beer! I really can't describe what I faced upon placing this CD in my CD player. These guys really know how to Rock! A bit lost and forgotten in the 80's, they still sound fresh and strong with a production that helps them achieve that. As I said above, we have blacksters playing a kind of Metal/Rock that has nothing to do with their previous works with their bands. At first I thought the album would suck and I admit that I was expecting to listen to a boring and pointless effort of Black Metal musicians. Thank God I was wrong!
Anyway, even though Doomsday Rock N' Roll isn't the album of the year or something incredible, it surely is an album that you can listen to many times and never get bored. If you have better options then spend your money somewhere else, but if you have some more money on the side then be sure not to miss it!

3 Star Rating

Doomsday Overture
Serial Killer
Trouble With The Law
Chrome Division
Here Comes Another One
1st Regiment
Breath Easy
The Angel Falls
Till The Break Of Dawn
We Want More
When The Shit Hits The Fan
Shagrath - Guitar
Luna - Bass
Eddie Guz - Vocals
Ricky Black - Guitar
Tony White - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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