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Chronicle – Where Chaos Thrives

Where Chaos Thrives
by Thomas Kumke at 15 May 2023, 6:03 AM

CHRONICLE hailing from Frederikshavn, Denmark were formed in 2012. They play a mixture of melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal. So far, they released two EPs and two full-length albums. Their third full-length release “Where Chaos Thrives” was produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (ABORTED; DARK TRANQUILITY; EKTOMORF) at Antfarm Studios and it has a length of approximately 46 minutes. The album was released via Danish lMetal label Mighty Music.

The album starts with an acoustic guitar intro to build-up tension, which explodes into a burst of powerful guitar riffs. The melodic framework of the opening “Usher In The End” is epic while the song is mostly a mid-tempo track with a few fast parts included. The growling vocals are versatile covering the low to medium end of the guttural range with a few higher pitched screams. The melodies are dark with some melancholic elements. Highlight of the track are the lead guitars and in particular the lead guitar solo. “Evolution In Reverse” is a fast song at frantic speed with lots of double-bass drumming and a few blast-beats. The vocals are a mixture of low growls and higher pitched growls. The break for the lead guitar solo is introduced by a few riffs at a traditional head-banging rhythm. “Evolution In Reverse” is a direct song with a simple structure without complexity. “Terrorform” has a grim start at a measured pace transitioning into a verse part of crazy speed. The chorus parts are epic going back to the slow tempo. There is a lot of melancholy in the melodies, especially during the break with the very contributing lead guitar solo.

The Black Tide” is fast and direct in the riffing, but it maintains a playfulness in the melodies. The vocals are pre-dominantly higher pitched, and they come with background vocal support. The break for the lead guitar solo starts with a few Thrash inspired riffs at mid-tempo while the lead guitar solo has a few traditional melodic Death Metal vibes. “Vestigial” starts with powerful riffing at a slow and almost stomping rhythm with a lot of double-bass. The tempo switches towards mid-tempo for the verse parts and switches again to an up-tempo driven chorus part. It is a dark song, and it is driven mainly by the relentless drumming. Highlight of the track is the lead guitar solo. The riffing is very comprehensive and includes riffs that are Thrash Metal as well as melodeath inspired. “New Dark Age” starts with tight and aggressive riffing, transitioning into a fast track with mid-tempo twists. The chorus part is once again epic and driven by the melancholic melodies. Despite all the gloomy atmosphere, the aggression in the riffing is maintained, especially during the verse parts. The lead guitar solo is a mixture of being direct and being technically comprehensive with a few neo-classical vibes. “New Dark Age” has a fair bit of complexity in the song structure with the final part being almost disconnected from the start of the track. It felt like listening to a different song as the doom-laden melodies of the album resurfaced again in “New Dark Age”.

Life Erasure” starts again very powerful and melancholic at a measured pace transitioning seamlessly into a fast verse part at crazy speed with crushing basslines. It is perhaps the fastest track on the album and a song for the pit. The riffing is sharp and the melodies, driven by the lead guitars, are grim, but not overly melancholic. The break leads into a lead guitar solo that provides a counterpoint to the track. “Life Erasure” is one of the best songs on the album. “Horror Unearthed” starts with a short acoustic guitar intro transitioning into a mid-tempo part driven by the guitars and the double-bass drumming. There is another shift towards insane tempo. The track includes several changes in tempo and rhythm, which makes it not straight-forward to listen to. Eventually, the song finishes with the acoustic theme of the beginning. The title track closes the album, and it is another powerful track at measured tempo. The sound is reflecting the album sound pretty well with all the doom and gloom. “Where Chaos Thrives” was released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

CHRONICLE deliver an album that is driven by a dark melodic Death Metal sound, melancholic melodies, and partially epic choruses. Highlights of the album are the lead guitar contributions, the lead guitar solos, and the versatile vocals of Lars Bo Nepper.Where Chaos Thrives” is the best album of CHRONICLE so far with an improved and mature songwriting. The album is well produced. CHRONICLE show that they are a very promising band for the future and “Where Chaos Thrives” will be surely part of the playlists of Death Metal and melodic Death Metal fans.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Usher In The End
2. Evolution In Reverse
3. Terrorform
4. The Black Tide
5. Vestigial
6. New Dark Age
7. Life Erasure
8. Horror Unearthed
9. Where Chaos Thrives
Lars Bo Nepper – Vocals, Guitars
Sebastian Skousgaard – Guitars
Jari Siedemann Holopainen – Drums
Jacob Wammen – Bass
Record Label: Mighty Music


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