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Chronomancy – Age Of Chivalry Award winner

Age Of Chivalry
by Bruno Diniz at 15 June 2017, 7:31 PM

After releasing their first album entitled "Here & Now" in 2014, the band CHRONOMANCY originated from Thessaloniki, Hellas independently releases their new EP "Age Of Chivalry”. Yiannis Kombatsiaris (Vocals), Tyrtaeus Kamarinos (Guitars), Yiangos Sourbis (Guitars), Thanos "Somber" Dogranlis (Bass), Chris Zaproudis (Drums) and Mary Sypoula (Keyboards) bring a very classic Power Metal with notable influences from bands like FALCONER and HAMMERFALL. The production and mixing are decent, but there are some flaws to be corrected. Especially when we talk about the vocals. Sometimes it gets very low, and in sometimes it disappears among the instruments. The theme of this work is referring to the medieval era approaching. It is about swords, courage and epic adventures and kingdoms, the lyrics are great and very immersive.

The album begins with a small intro track called "Emperor Of Fading Sun" which brings instrumental sound as well as other elements such as drums and thunders paving the way for the second track "March Of The Swordmaster". It is a great song that has in its some paused riffs followed by a vocal with longer construction at the end of each synthesis, followed by a rampant drums mainly when it reaches the chorus. "The Once and Future King" is where it seemed to me that the singer is more at ease and although slightly shy, nothing worrisome, but has room for improvement. It also has a part in the middle of the song that precedes the solo where a narrative voice enters that could have been prolonged in my opinion. "Percival" follows the same rhythm while "Death's Head" has a more emotional musicality and a sharper chorus. To end this EP ,the band brings a ballad, "Library of Oak Trees" that reminded me of a ballad that I quite like called "Infinity Love" from METALIUM “Age Of Shivalry” was an EP that I liked a lot, not perfect, but I understand that Chronomancy still has a lot of room to grow with some adjustments. Originality is another point that can be improved, so the band can have their own identity in the future.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Memorability: 10
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1 - Emperor Of Fading Sun
2 - March Of The Swordmaster
3 - The Once and Future King
4 – Percival
5 - Death's Head
6 - Library of Oak Trees
Yiannis Kombatsiaris - Vocals
 Tyrtaeus Kamarinos - Guitars
 Yiangos Sourbis - Guitars
 Thanos "Somber" Dogranlis - Bass
 Chris Zaproudis - Drums
 Mary Sypoula - Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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