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Chronosfear - Chronosfear

by Mike "Bitchin'" Bourgeois at 16 July 2018, 10:36 PM

I've always loved Prog, even in my Punk days I still had YES and RUSH albums mixed in with my MISFITS and THE GERMS, probably because my upbringing in a very musical family. They taught me to appreciate talent regardless of what kind of music it is. CHRONOSFEAR is definitely talented, and put it to good use on their self-titled debut on the Underground Symphony label. The opening "Clockworks" is large and in charge, setting you up for something grand, but what is still unknown until the opening riff in "The Gates of Chronos" where a single guitar is joined a few bars in by the rest of the band in a powerful opening that lives up to the overtures promise of well-orchestrated composition. Vocalist Filippo Tezza has a voice that is very smooth but can transition instantly to a crisp scream.

At first I was worried drummer Michele Olmi was a chronic Badda-badda double bass drummer, giving an example of marathon running on a drumkit, but my fears were relieved on "Symphonies of the Dreams Untold" where his skills on the double kick were shining through with clarity and finesse (take heed new drummers.) One complaint I've always had about keyboards in Metal is they sound like they've been forced into the music. Davide Baldelli has this problem licked and his chops fit in so well the music wouldn't make without him. His ability to accentuate both Eddie Thespot guitar and Xavier Rotas driving bass make him an integral part of the band, even providing a solo counterpoint normally seen in bands with to lead guitars. Check out "Faces" as a good showcase of their use of said keyboards. A mistake a lot of Prog bands make on their first true venture into recording is trying to do too much all at once. "The Ascent" is showcase of self-control. The tempo and key changes are just right and make sense musically, allowing a smooth flow that is seen throughout the album.

The album as a whole is very well produced, top notch in fact. Any effects and samples are used sparingly and appropriately, adding to the overall experience rather than diminishing it, and with modern recording studios, that requires great restraint. Their harmonies are well executed and pleasant, supporting the main voice beautifully. I can honestly say I enjoyed this outing and am very much looking forward to the next endeavor from this Italian Quintet.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Clockworks
2. The Gates of Chronos
3. Symphonies of the Dreams Untold
4. The Last Dying Ember
5. Of Dust and Flowers
6. Faces
7. Innocent and Lost
8. The Ascent
9. Time ofYour Life
10. Revelations
11. Homeland
Filippo Tezza –  Vocals
Eddie Thespot – Guitars
Davide Baldelli – Keyboards
Xavier Rota – Bass
Michele Olmi – Drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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