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Cinderella - Live At The Mohegan Sun (CD)

Live At The Mohegan Sun
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 27 October 2009, 11:01 PM

During the mid 80s the Glam Metal scene was actually a secret for almost all the hard core metalheads. Back in those days, it was hard to admit (even to yourself) that you were fond of this genre played by guys who had used all of their sisters' hair spray. Well, this music had something special and found a place in our heart and it is still there even if more than two decade have pasted.
As the world is spinning around so does the music and while deep in the 00s, Glam Metal makes quite a strong comeback giving space to some new and kind of good bands. The good thing with this history stir some of the original bands are now re-activated and -I think- most of them are ready to take Glam Metal close to the place it was. CINDERELLA is one of those bands that step a strong foot on the Glam Metal scene getting massive publicity with the first two albums Night Songs and Long Cold Winter. I am mentioning these albums since the two that followed comprise a little different music character gravely influenced by Tom's love for blues.
Live at The Mohegan Sun is the band's recorded performance at Connecticut on July 21, 2005. This gig was in the context of the 'Rock Never Stops' tour that besides CINDERELLA had RATT, QUIET RIOT and FIREHOUSE (I know a big 'whoa' rose up in your mind). So, Frontiers Records is ready to hit the stores with this reunion live album and as the promo sheet says this is also a preamble to CINDERELLA's upcoming European tour.
For a moment I got myself wondering why this album is being released now. And then it hit me! During my time in the US I lost an excellent opportunity to see CINDERELLA live due to Tom's injury is one of his vocal chords. And this concert would have been a great experience taking into consideration that Glam Metal is mostly supported in the US. So, it seems the band wants to 'measure' the publicity in Europe by having the Italian label releasing this album recorded 4 years ago. As I said the US crowds are more into Glam and this justifies the reaction during the concert's intro that brings the Philadelphia born band on-stage. After the intro there is the hearty groove of Night Songs that totally shines due to the very good sound. Tom had several troubles with his voice in the past and after some additional years this is shown with his harsh timbre. I almost searched for the lineup to assure myself that this is Tom's voice. Other than that the recordings are top notch with an energetic mixing bringing the crowd in with a perfect timing. After a while, things sound better in the vocals and this gravely helps to overcome the initial shock (at least you have been warned). Obviously the setlist was based on the first and -if you don't mind the term- historical albums that got Glam Metal into almost every metalheads' daily round. If I'd had to choose a couple of tracks from this recording I would go for Gypsy Road and of course the groovy Push Push featured during the band's encore.
If this album is to whet our appetite for the band's forthcoming European tour then it is mostly welcomed. On any other occasion Live at The Mohegan Sun  is a good addition to CINDERELLA's back catalogue.

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Night Song
The Last Mile
Somebody Save Me
Heartbreak Station
Coming Home
Shelter Me
Nobody's Fool
Gypsy Road
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
Shake Me
Fallin' Apart At The Seams
Push Push
Still Climbing
Tom Keifer - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Brittingham - Bass
Jeff LaBar - Guitar
Fred Coury - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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