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Circuitry – Untouched By Human Hands

Untouched By Human Hands
by Britney Twilley at 26 December 2018, 1:55 PM

CIRCUITRY is an eclectic metal trio hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey. “Untouched By Human Hands” is their sophomore album, consisting of 11 tracks, released on November 16, 2018. This band uses elements of modern progressive metal, metalcore, and death metal, and mixes in some catchy hooks to create a signature sound. The album starts with “Snake”, hitting the listener hard with a weighty sound and heavy unclean vocals in the mid-range. Cleans come in sounding much like those of PROTEST THE HERO. The vocalist, Monet, uses runs in each and every word of his cleans, creating a sound that moves up and down. “Waving a White Flag” was the first single of the album and is the second track. It features frenetic guitar work and overwhelming drumming firepower.

“The Merit of an Argument” starts off with a slower feel utilizing keys and sounds reminiscent of a 1980’s pop song before drastically changing paces bringing in heavy guitar and a fast tempo. Monet shows that he has a talented voice with great range but chooses to continue the techniques used in the first song, creating runs in every word. This causes the vocals to jump up and down resulting in an awkward sound. “A N G E L” starts very fast paced with the drums driving hard before pulling back to a momentary sludgy sound. The first part of this song feels very similar to that of the previous songs. They do break it up with a much heavier section showcasing vocals ranging from guttural lows to unclean highs. The style of the clean vocals does not change with the next track, “Writing History”, utilizing the same over-exaggerated technique. Drummer Guglielmo showcases impressive double bass work through the first half of the song. The second half of the song takes on a different approach with a groovier feel.

The momentum and pace do not slow through the next two songs and into the eighth song, “Synchronicity”. Uncleans on this song at times are similar to those uncleans of Spencer Sotelo of PERIPHERY. Two-thirds of the way into this song, the pace changes into a progressive vibe. The final song, “Kept in a Shallow Grave” stands out because while much of the cleans throughout it sound exactly like the previous songs, there are two sections that break from that pattern. They utilize a slowing of pace in order to build up and release impressive hardcore uncleans. The song ends on a high note with a heavy sound and strong uncleans.

If you are a fan of PROTEST THE HERO’s clean vocals, you will love CIRCUITRY. While the clean vocals show that Monet has a strong and talented voice, he creates runs throughout each word causing the vocals to jump consistently, resulting in an awkward sound that interrupts any flow provided by the instruments. Uncleans on this album are quite impressive, ranging from mids to guttural lows to hardcore screams. CIRCUITRY, with their unique sound, is a band you will either love or hate, but they are definitely worth checking out.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Snake
2. Waving a White Flag
3. The Merit of an Argument
4. A N G E L
5. Writing History
6. Moment of Clarity
7. Parasite
8. Synchronicity
9. Lady Parts of Death
10. Prayers and Curses
11. Kept in a Shallow Grave
Joel Monet – Vocals
Christian Colabelli – Guitar and Background Vocals
Matt Guglielmo – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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