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Clairvoyance - Threshold of Nothingness

Threshold of Nothingness
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 July 2022, 3:15 PM

The conceptions of music can lead people to confusion in many occasions. As an example, when one speaks about Death Metal scene of Poland, one can think on names as VADER, HATE and BEHEMOTH, because they’re famous and set the foundations for the genre. But no one said that every band of the country must obey to such model, and the quintet CLAIRVOYANCE, hailing from Warsaw, shows on “Threshould of Nothingness” that their ideas are a bit different from what one can expect.

This EP shows a musical work that resembles the Old School Death Metal forms, mixing influences from Death Metal Schools from Sweden, USA and UK. Yes, their music respects the features of the past, without exaggerating on speed and instrumental technique (but it’s not so simple as well). It’s just their breakthrough, but their musical potential is amazing, and can become better in the future. For now, it’s very good, but needs some maturing. The sonority of this EP aligns the best of both worlds: it’s raw and filthy as works done in the early days of the 90’s, but in a way that is defined and allow the fans to understand what’s being played (but the vocals must be better set in the future, because due the low tunes, it could be louder on the mixing). It’s good for now, but again: it could be better.

The traditional Death Metal rhythmic contrasts of “Decline into Oblivion” shows what the band is up to, with a good and solid work on bass guitar and drums. And on “The Curse”, the band uses some slow paced tempos to create those massive and bitter ambiences usual for the genre (with a good set of guitar riffs sustaining the aggressiveness). The distorted and oppressive appeal of “Chronicles of Emptiness” turns the track in the best moments of the EP, with a balanced work between the instrumental parts, and allows the vocals to an expressive work. And faster is “A Cairn of Souls”, with those distorted and sickening hooks usual for Death Metal. And closing the slaughter, “Tarnished Vessel” is a track where the quintet shows a very good technical work, rich in contrasts.

For now, “Threshould of Nothingness” is a fine release to present the band to the fans of the genre. But more can be expected from CLAIRVOYANCE in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Decline into Oblivion
2. The Curse
3. Chronicles of Emptiness
4. A Cairn of Souls
5. Tarnished Vessel
Maciej Cesarczyk - Vocals
Denis Didenko - Guitars
Lipek - Guitars
Kacper Pawluk - Bass
Adrian Szczepański - Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest


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