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Clayshaper - Celestian

by Laura Glover at 25 February 2020, 4:01 AM

From “the mud in the frozen north, Sweden” the musician magician known only as “Clayshaper”, brings us his fourth release “Celestian”. “Clayshaper”, the wizard behind CLAYSHAPER, a one man band who brings us a Melodeath album fitting for the term. How does he define who he is? This master manipulator of sound. “The sculptor of sound and imagery”, one who wields his sword of creativity well. From the instrumental half of the album, reminiscent of UNREQVITED in musical fantasy, to the other half of the same songs sung with words; this album is a pleasure throughout. With little information about CLAYSHAPER’s mysterious creator, one can only wonder about who he is.

Celestian” - Melodically sound entry, a solid piece of musical notes, leading to robust vocals. Deep, growly, and intentional the rough edges of the lyrics are softened so by the touch of the symphonic side. Like the soft touch from a lover, lingering in the shadows lustfully. Passionate throes of guitar, screams… screams. “Sunender” - After the maddening, musical prowess from the first song; this song meets you breathless, hard and fast. Yet maintaining is slow tempo, creating aching anticipation. It’s guitar notes, the plump curves that entice you further into its depths. With vocals that probe the depths of the dark, the rough hand that grasps the lush softness.

About to Appear” - “I was not made to serve, Neither were you”, we are reminded in a deep vocal entry. Melodic rivers carry this darkness, in spite of a longing for love. This song is an awakening. Of our own mortality, as well as a banner of truth. Melancholy despair in one’s bitter aloneness. “Beyond the Silvered Light” - Synthesized symphonics, carried to hard edged vocals. Like a knife, cold and unbending. Yet this hardness is married to the most lyrical melodies. A love of light and dark. The rise and fall, eddy’s of fluid notes on guitar.

Celestian” is a great album beginning to end. A one-man project, from a man I could find nothing about. Mystery cloaked in symphonic madness to the core. Reeking of a renaissance love, romance of old. A knight who bows lovingly to his symphonic mistress. Secret kisses in darkened corners, a love that prevails. “Celestian” is both the thunder clap that rattles the mountaintops, as well as the song of the wind as is sings its lullaby in the valley below.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 5
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Celestian
2. Sunender
3. About to Appear
4. Beyond Silvered Light
5. Celestian (Instrumental)
6. Sunender (Instrumental)
7. About to Appear (Instrumental)
8. Beyond Silvered Light (Instrumental)
Clayshaper - The Sculptor of the Music
Record Label: Independent


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