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Cleric - Regressions

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 June 2010, 4:06 PM

Have you ever read the book “Naked Lunch” by William Burroughs or seen Cronenberg’s movie? Remember the feeling you had right after the end of the book/movie? Well, probably that’s exactly the feeling “Regressions” will leave you with after you listen to it for the first time. Do not ask me what music these guys play cause I have no damn clue!

The four piece act originates from Philadelphia, USA and has probably set its goal to perform the ultimate mindfuck to the Metal audience! Imagine a huge pot where someone threw in elements from Doom, Drone, Hardcore, Grind, Ambient, Avant Garde and some electronic music and created “something” that even its creator can define!

CLERIC is exactly this, a combination of all the above elements. CLERIC is a canvas where these four maniacs threw countless colours, which led to the creation of an insanely sick kind of art. In the approximately 76 (!) minutes of this album the listener is challenged to face a whirlwind of emotions, that travel him from hate, to paranoia, to melancholy, to a state of nirvana…

If you try to search for influences, you will probably come across a wide range of bands since “Regressions” contains the schizophrenic noise of FANTOMAS, the mathematic precision of MESHUGGAH, the aggression of CONVERGE, as well as the trippy sounds of NEUROSIS. Only the opening song, “Allotriophagy”, which has a running time of 19 and a half minutes will drag you into this nightmare of horrid screams, macabre sounds and will spit you leaving you in a not so normal mental state.
To tell you the truth, this album is so weird, so noisy and so long that it was almost impossible for me to stay focused on CLERIC’s music throughout the whole listening session. I guess this album is ONLY for those who are in search of totally fucked up music that obeys no rules.

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  1. Allotriophagy
  2. –~–
  3. A Rush Of Blood
  4. -~-~-
  5. The Boon
  6. ~-~-~
  7. Cumberbund
  8. Poisonberry Pie
  9. &
  10. The Fiberglass Cheesecake
Nick - Vocals, Keyboards
Matt - Guitar
James - Bass
Larry - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Web Of Mimicry Records


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