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Climate Of Fear – The Onset Of Eternal Darkness

Climate Of Fear
The Onset Of Eternal Darkness
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 23 March 2019, 12:51 AM

Today I have the luxury of reviewing CLIMATE OF FEAR and their very first full length album “The Onset of Eternal Darkness”. The band got together in 2017 in the UK. and I have to say I am very excited to hear this album. Their lyrics range from anti fascism to anti colonialism and environmental nihilism. I am very down with this bands message. They have a wide variety of styles on this album as well, which is awesome! Up first we have the song “Rapture” which begins with some clean vocals that are more in the background. The guitars played by Sam and Alfie sound a little bit like Doom Metal at first but quickly change up to more Death Metal.

Up next we have “The Cult of Retribution” which is way more extreme than the previous song. The biggest change up would have to be the vocals performed by Paul. The bass is more predominate on this track as well which is played by Owen. “Shadow and Flame” is even heavier than the previous as well. I absolutely love how this album is progressing so far. I have to say that the drums played by George are really great. Honestly I’m not sure what I would label the genre of metal I would label this. They have hints of Black, Death, Doom and Deathcore weaved throughout this whole album.

“Centuries of Torment” is the best song I have heard so far. This song is brutal as fuck and constructed amazingly. The breakdown is sick as fuck and makes me want to grind the fuck out of my teeth! “Storming the Heavens” is up next and I have to admit this one is on par with the last song. It’s got the speed and grimness to get you going. The only thing that sucked was how short it was. “De Conflictu Noctis Aeternae Obruat” is a little slower but it’s beautifully written and even has a jazz feel to it at points. “Slaves of Capital” is absolutely brilliant and had me jamming out really hard. Imagine if NILE met HATEBREED, this song is really intense.

“From Enslavement to Extinction” is the only song I have a problem with and it’s just because of the non Death Metal vocals. They aren’t bad, I just feel they didn’t match up with the song. It was all in all a really good song still. The final song “Divide & Conquer” is honestly the song I like the most. I really enjoyed the way it was written and laid out. This whole album is honestly really good and I am glad I was able to review it. Good job guys and keep up the good fight!

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rapture
2. The Cult of Retribution
3. Shadow & Flame
4. Centuries of Torment
5. Storming the Heavens
6. De Conflictu Noctis Aeternae Obruat
7. Slaves of Capital
8. From Enslavement to Extinction
9. Divide & Conquer
Owen – Bass
George – Drums
Sam – Guitars
Alfie – Guitars
Paul – Vocals
Record Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment


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Edited 25 February 2020

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