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Clouds - We Are Above You (CD)

We Are Above You
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 18 August 2008, 11:34 PM

And just when I thought that Hydra Head had some time to send some stuff, here is the brand new album by CLOUDS. The US label has offered some more than great Post Hardcore releases and you know, I had only some Relapse stuff, but Hydra Head is definitely the leader in this scene.

After last year's Legendary Demo release, the US metallers (?!) are back with a brand new full-length release that follows the guaranteed musical path they have followed all these years. With the addition of bassist Johnny (OCTAVE MUSEUM, PET GENIUS) and the band's frontman Adam who is a member of legendary band CAVE IN, these guys surely know what to do when it comes to heavy and modern music.

Take some Blues/Stoner music, add some Hardcore and complete the recipe with a dose of psychedelic background. What you have is CLOUDS, a band that managed to mix the 70's with 00's and still manage to sound fresh and distinctive. Except for the music, which is a trip through time and space, one more thing that makes the overall result even spicier is Adam's psychotic screaming. So if you are looking for the place where CAVE IN drink beers with ELECTRIC WIZARD, while listening to BLACK SABBATH, then these guys show you the way.

While managing to get through the band's ‘muddy' compositions, I realize that I am stupid to not know that such a band exists. It seems that the Massachusetts based act found one more fan and now I have to find the rest of this band's releases. These guys have nothing to do with the classic ISIS style bands of the label. Hmmm, now that I think of it they could also be part of Rise Above Records. I see Dorian discovering them and ‘kidnapping' them from Hydra Head. Ok, enough with my conspiracy fantasies. Time for some doomy Hardcore!

4 Star Rating

Empires In Basements
Feed The Horse
The Bad Seat
Heisenberg Says…
Motion Of The Ocean
Slow Day
Year Zero
Glass House Rocks
Playing Dark
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Adam - Vocals, Guitar
Jim - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Johnny - Bass, Backing Vocals
Q - Drums
Record Label: Hydra Head Records


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