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Cloudscape - New Era Award winner

New Era
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 02 July 2012, 3:46 PM

CLOUDSCAPE is a band from Sweden that formed in 2001. After 3 albums and after member shifts they’ve hit the studio again for their fourth release “New Era” through Roastinghouse Productions. A melodic Metal band with Pop, Rock and progressive influences. Guess I do find it very hard to place their sound, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter anyway, since it’s the music that counts and their music count for something.

CLOUDSCAPE managed to put down a solid sound despite the different genre influences and that does sound much easier than it actual is. But they did and delivered an album that contains a variety of songs with their own atmosphere, making them all catchy in their own way. Even the vocalist Mike Andersson does use his clear voice in different ways, giving each atmosphere its own voice. Guitar, drum and bass lines are solid, but flexible as well, like they’re able to fly standing through the sky. Without chopper, airplane or any other aircraft. Just them using the power behind their music to fly together through all kind of scenes and magnificent views.

“New Era” gave me the feeling of a tour through a tough, rough, but still beautiful world. I could almost see the world fly by behind them. Huge mountains and wide ocean views with them flying through them, standing tall and making the music that keeps them flying, opening up even more views concerning heaven and earth. A kind of sad but true energy, but with the power to create room to work towards a “New Era”,one that’s constructive and filled with better days.

“New Era” by CLOUDSCAPE is not a super heavy band, but it’s not just soft either. It contains both, but no matter how soft of heavy the songs sound, they did an excellent job in sharing their energy, that’s moving forward, flying and down to earth. The different influences have been used in a solid way, adding to their strength instead of letting the influences messing them up. Their team spirit adds to that. Even when they’re flying alone, they’re still flying together. Making me happy to have a repeat button.

“New Era” is a bit in the same line as their former albums, but somehow found a different way to get there. 

4 Star Rating

1. Silver Ending
2. Share Your Energy
3. Kingdom Of Sand
4. Pull The Brake
5. Seen It All Before
6. Your Desire
7. Voyager 9
8. Simplicity…Huh…
9. Before Your Eyes
10. Violet Eye
11. Into The Unknown
12. Heroes
Mike Andersson - Lead & backing vocals
Patrik Svärd - Guitars
Stefan Rosqvist - Guitars
Håkan Nyander - Bass
Fredrik Joakimsson - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Roastinghouse Productions


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