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Cobra The Impaler - Colossal Gods Award winner

Cobra The Impaler
Colossal Gods
by Andrew Harvey at 23 February 2022, 12:47 AM

Along with a new form of American heavy metal noise including the likes of MASTODON, GOJIRA, GHOST and BARONESS. We have a heavy metal and progressive band known as COBRA THE IMPALER who are a Belgian outfit most likely influenced by American and European metal bands as mentioned before. It was said before that they ‘forg together larger-than-life grooves’ and spirited guitar leads with enchanting clean vocal harmonies and razor-sharp screams’. And their sound also is ‘effortlessly flowing from breakneck riffs to tasteful melodic breaks, the band makes strong use of stylistic elements from groove, thrash and classic heavy metal’.

Their lineup is very impressive with TACE DC of HAESTER and ex member of ABORTED with JAMES FALCK as his guitar companion coming from the band named BEAR. On vocals is MANUEL REMMERIE of MAJESTIC SUN and VON DETTA whereas MICHELE DE FEUDIS of ALMIGHTY MIGHTY is on bass guitar & backing vocals. And last but not least there is drummer DIRK VERBEUREN who now currently plays for MEGADETH but makes a very good contribution to this album. They are a fairly new band and they are due to release their debut album COLOSSAL GODS on 25th of February on all platforms. The album opener is of course “Colossal Gods” with echo of guitar, then becoming sinister as vocals leap into the unknown. Vocals speak with awesome and courageous magnificence, the rhythm or beat is overshadowed by guitar or bass. This brings or progressive or thrash elements shot down by quick but hopping drum patterns.

“Blood Eye” is a 5 minute passage of the earth shattering push and shove by drums and guitar, vocals shout over laying down the law of groove metal devastation. The melodic guitar and complexity of drums and together with vocals signals so much to like about this album already. Even the grind of bass and electric guitar is mean and cunning as we hear a more diverse, eclectic blend of styles. “Tempest Rising” is full of tasty continuous drumming before the echoes or delayed vocal phrases. Pulsating clips also appear briefly like a true heavy metal band should play with a whirlwind of guitar, bass and drums flying past one another in a period of discord. Vocals are the guideline and big cheese of all that crazy musical madness spinning out of control. “Spirit of Lyssa” with high pitch guitar solo work, ringing cymbal and heavy bass tones underlining the denser side of the bands musical direction. There is a lot of contrast shouting but then it quiets down to mellow guitar before the next track “Scorched Earth” with harmonic guitar.

Lots of sustained notation but then vocals bring all the instruments together. Guitar and bass carry the drums along and create a cool yet symbolic gesture. Onto the sixth track “Spawn Of Forgotten” which is a screamer and where two guitar lines are heard plus drums mixing a sort of progressive thrash metal rhythm. Guitar can be heard to play glam/power metal hooks which are sublime to encourage drums to become more juicy yet pounding through. The seventh track which is titled “Demigods” has more of a contribution on emphasis for vocals where guitar carries the rhythm and tone of bass guitar. It is clear the lyrics are sending a rather, provoking sign on the theme of demigods as the title suggests. Finally onto the very last track of this album as we are launched into the last track titled “Mountains” with that glam/power metal guitar ringing out with metallic drumming of cymbal bell, together with interjection of vocals belting out violent bursts of hysteria. There is certainly a progressive or heavy metal twist to this finale to close out the album as it goes mellow towards the end.

Guitar plays some fiery and edgy solo work and is wrapped around drums to stutter but ignite the fire one last time. I couldn’t be more impressed by the guys, what an astounding sound of all instruments so consistent there isn’t but any let down throughout. This is progressive at it’s finest combined with sensational heavy metal which is just top class. I think these guys deserve all the recognition they should get as this album is just a work of art, a masterpiece indeed.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Colossal Gods
2. Blood Eye
3. Tempest Rising
4. Spirit Of Lyssa
5. Scorched Earth
6. Spawn Of The Forgotten
7. Demigods
8. Mountains
Manuel Remmerie - Vocals
Tace DC - Guitar
James Falck - Guitar
Michélé De Feudis Bass & Vocals
Dirk Verbeuren - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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Edited 29 November 2022

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