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Coffin Mulch - Septic Funeral

Coffin Mulch
Septic Funeral
by Chloe O' Brien at 29 March 2021, 9:00 AM

COFFIN MULCH is a Death Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland formed mid-2018. They released their EP “Septic Funeral” in February 2021. The EP opens with the song “Septic Funeral,” and it is heavy and ominous, opening with the ring of a bell then into chaotic drums and an impressive gritty guitar riff. The vocals are brutal and deep. The second song on the EP is “Black Liquefaction”.  We are introduced to the song by a high screech from the guitar which comes to an abrupt stop and then the tempo picks up and brings us into an upbeat cacophony of true old school Death Metal.  “Live Again” opens with a short bass riff and goes straight into growling vocals and super heavy drums with lots of double kicks and cymbals.

Onward to Death,” a personal favourite, as it is aggressive and demonic sounding. There is a change in tempo and an added breakdown around the three-minute mark.  It has heavy guitar and good use of the cymbals. “Onward to Death” has a crazy impressive guitar solo, the wailing sound of the guitar sounds like banshees luring me into a foggy crypt. It ends with crunching that reminds me of breaking bones at the end. “Carnivorous Subjugation” is the shortest track on the EP at 47 seconds long. Its very energetic as has a quick tempo mixed with the prominent thrashing of the drums and gruesome vocals.

"Coffin Mulch” brings the album to an end. It starts with a melancholic guitar riff and there are low pig squeal growling vocals. There is a sense of doom from the melody in this track and the vocals on this track stand out compared to the others as there is an echo effect. There is a distorted guitar riff around the 2-and-a-half-minute mark which really adds energy to the track. There is a slow down in the tempo and you can really hear the guitar as it wails in response to the drums and the deep growls are intertwined with the heaviness of the melody. The guitars, drums and bass stop as the vocalist screams a loud growl and then we can hear the dripping of something almost like blood and squelching noises finish the album truly leaving a gruesome image.  COFFIN MULCH lives up to the genre of death metal their use of aural stimulus is unique and leaves a lot to the imagination.

Song writing: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Septic Funeral
2. Black Liquefaction
3. Live Again
4. Onward to Death
5. Carnivorous Subjugation
6. Coffin Mulch
Al - Vocals
David - Guitar
Rich - Bass
Fraser - Drums
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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Edited 18 April 2021

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