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Coffin Rot - A Monument To The Dead

Coffin Rot
A Monument To The Dead
by Joe Hausmann at 05 October 2019, 10:11 PM

With the help of Blood Harvest Records, COFFIN ROT is set to release their first full length album “A Monument To The Dead”. Formed in 2017 out of Portland, Oregon, this Death Metal outfit has released two demos leading up to the full release. COFFIN ROT defines themselves as old school, no frills Death Metal and that classification for this band is spot on. This band is a gory, blood stained death ride that is reminiscent of 90s Death Metal. From the barbaric sound to the horrifying album art, COFFIN ROT is here to rip you apart. Their sound is filthy, their image is brutal, and they bring old school Death Metal back to life.

Upon the first listen through of “A Monument For The Dead”, I was immediately intrigued by their throwback sound. This album is a thrashy, brutal blend of all the things that made the early Death Metal scene great. From deep guttural growls to a heavy fast paced rhythm, this album never lets up. It never gives you a break to collect yourself before being destroyed by the next track. “Saw Blade Suicide” really kicks this album off. While being the second track, it defines the wall of sound that you hear throughout the album. It is a chaotic mixture of deep vocals and dissonant rhythms capped off by an insane guitar solo.

“Forced Self-Consumption” is a heavily distorted power track that beats your eardrums into submission. This is my favorite track off the album because it is well balanced between vocals and instrumentals but also offers a deadly sound throughout, I imagine that “Necrotized” is the music that a deranged mortician or an insane coroner would listen to while working. The chugging rhythm and diabolical depths that the vocals go to make this a strong track for this album. “Mechanical Separation” is a chaotic, riff-laden minefield filled with blast beats and a hellish driving force. This is a track that may make your ears bleed with its brutality. You have been warned! And then we round out this strong album with the self-titled song “Coffin Rot”. While slower than most of the tracks on the album, this track still forces a savage sound upon you. Just think demonic gravedigger in the middle of the night digging up a corpse and you have found the image I am trying to describe with the sound.

COFFIN ROT has really given us a strong debut album with “A Monument To The Dead”. The instrumentals are savage, the vocals are vicious, and the image is gory as hell. Just like you would expect from an old school Death Metal band. I do feel that fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE and AUTOPSY have just been offered another band to take notice of. I do have to admit, it is awesome to see a band try and reinvigorate a genre with that genre’s traditional sound. There are a few other tracks on this album that I did not talk about because this a sound that you should experience and discover for yourself. So if old style Death Metal is right up your alley, make sure to check this album out when it releases!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro - Compremesis
2. Saw Blade Suicide
3. Miasma Of Barbarity
4. Forced Self-Consumption
5. Necrotized
6. Incubation Of Madness
7. Mechanical Separation
8. Coffin Rot
Hayden Johnson - Vocals
Tre Guertner - Guitar
Brandon Martinez-Woodall - Bass
Derek Johnson - Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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