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Coffinborn - Beneath the Cemetery

Beneath the Cemetery
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 14 September 2014, 6:43 PM

Do you, my dear nephews and nieces, know that clear idea when you hear a band, and even being nothing new in terms of music, you like a lot of its work, and have to pay some respect to it?

Yes, this is the clear feeling that happened when Ol’ Big Daddy here heard Hungarian trio, COFFINBORN’s first release, the EP “Beneath the Cemetery”. It’s nothing new, just that Death Metal from the 90s, taking great part of their inspiration from bands like DISMEMBER, old ENTOMBED, CANCER, GRAVE, and some bits from first and seminal works from DEATH (especially “Scream Bloody Gore” era). But there’s something in this trio that’s different; they’re not a clone, and even playing an eroded style, it seems that they have something more that only a word can explain: spirit.

Low grunt vocals, distorted and catching guitar riffs, bass and drums heavy and not making such complicated music, sometimes more fast and aggressive, sometimes slower and bitter, but always good. These guys really have guts!

The sound quality leads to a middle term between Swedish Death Metal earlier works (for the jigsaw guitars), but the deeper and raw sounding from earlier Florida bands (especially from DEATH and first MORBID ANGEL), but this is one of their strong points, for this quality is the essence of their sound. Could be a little better, but it’s good for now.

Four destructive and aggressive songs only, unfortunately (could be more): The harsh and fast torpedoes, “Enter the Nightmares of Horror” (very good riffs and vocals), and “Beneath the Cemetery” (this one with some abrasive guitars in the middle of sound mass and great drums, and some slower moments), and “Corpse Collector” (some influences of earlier Thrash Metal appear, maybe some influence from POSSESSED on “Seven Churches” time). But “Putrid Stench of Death” is a catchy and violent slow song, with great vocals and abrasive riffs, maybe the EP’s best song.

Nothing new at all, but hope they’ll come back soon to our delight!

4 Star Rating

1. Enter the Nightmares of Horror
2. Beneath the Cemetery
3. Putrid Stench of Death
4. Corpse Collector
Blasphemy - Drums, Vocals
Churchburner - Bass
Disguster - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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