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Coffins - Beyond the Circular Demise Award winner

Beyond the Circular Demise
by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 17 October 2019, 4:34 AM

COFFINS is a Japanese Doom/Death Metal band formed in 1996.  “Beyond The Circular Demise,” is their fifth full length album—they have also released two demos, numerous EPs, Splits, and a live album. I can describe “Beyond The Circular Demise,” in four words: this album fucking rips.  But I can’t just have a four-word review so I’ll try to expand on those words a bit.

The Doom/Death combo is featured here at its most extreme—the eight tracks are aggressive, filthy, and dipped in the musical equivalent of sulfuric acid.  The bass, from Masafumi, and drums, by Satochi, take turns trying to decide which one can snap a neck in half mid headbang first.  Guitarist Uchino is insane—he starts playing hellish riffs and doesn’t stop nor run out of ideas.  Jun tops it all off with a vocal performance somewhere between MORBID ANGEL and that balrog thing from “Lord of the Rings.”

Terminate By Own Prophecy,” is a hurricane of drums and groove based Doom with the intensity of the heaviest Death Metal bands.  At 1:36 the song kicks into overdrive and, somehow, gets even more heavy with those riffs just tearing it up behind those killer Death growls. “The Forgotten Cemetery,” is equal parts slow, grinding Doom and ultra-speedy Death Metal but those riffs are going to kill you no matter what type of tempo they go.  The last thirty seconds or so are some the more intense moments I’ve heard in Extreme Metal this year.

Providing your neck hasn’t broken by the time you reach “Insane,” you’ll be treated to some of the album’s best riffs.  From 3:05 to the end is a near perfect example of how well Doom and Death truly together if the pieces are placed right. This song just keeps getting more and more intense, right up to and including the drums that end the song on a bang.

Gateways to Dystopia,” is the longest track on the album at just seconds away from being nine minutes in length and also the most atmospheric.  This one really shows the dynamics of the band and what they can do when they allow longer song structures.  The first minute is a slow death dirge that builds up to groove, and where the bass stands out to reign supreme.  The guitar solo begins with a hint of trippy insanity before shredding faces into a passage where the drums are not unlike a stampede: raging, uncompromising and deadly as hell.

COFFINS’Beyond The Circular Demise,” is extreme enough for Death Metal fans and riff based and groovy enough for Doom Metal lovers.  Simply put, it is the best of both worlds and a must hear releases for any Metal fan who loves either subgenre.  Highly recommended, especially for fans of INCANTATION, ASPHYX, INTER ARMA, and KRYPTS.

Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Terminate By Own Prophecy
2. The Tranquil End
3. Forgotten Cemetery
4. Impuritious Minds
5. Hour of Execution
6. Insane
7. Birth Postmortem
8. Gateways To Dystopia
Uchino – Guitars
Satoshi – Drums
Jun Tokita – Vocals
Masafumi Atake – Bass
Record Label: Relapse Records


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