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Cold Night for Alligators – The Hindsight Notes Award winner

Cold Night for Alligators
The Hindsight Notes
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 25 January 2022, 9:48 AM

In the flourishing Danish metal scene, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS truly stands apart as a hard to categorize, and rewarding listen with their new record, which dares to stand out and thoughtfully use their well-honed skills. The band states: “This record is the sound of us growing up as people and musicians. Before and during the pandemic, the creative process was a fixed point in a lot of personal chaos, which we tried to channel towards an honest and personal statement. Everything was allowed, but also had to be executed to perfection. We brought in a ton of cool collaborators to make this vision come through and truly feel like we made a fully formed record that does not follow trends and does not compromise. Whether it was going softer, more straight forward or more experimental, we made a point to follow where our common creative sensibilities led us. It was a huge amount of work, but the album feels intensely rewarding and personal for that reason.” The album contains ten tracks.

“Behind Curtains” leads off the album. It opens with clean, harmonic vocals and a dreamy, melodic sound. A heavy, staccato riff joins in, but the melody stays in the forefront. The sound is so accessible it could be something you would hear on the radio. It segues into an angry passage of harsh vocals at the end. “No Connections” hears the melodies continue along with some dazzling displays of musicianship. The chorus is fully on with big, rich melodies that you can sing along with. The saxophone solo adds to the sound here. “Verism” is a short three-minutes in length. Bass notes chug away under a bed of tough riffs with some Djent tones at times. The guitar solo is tastefully done as well.

“Water” is a longer song with a slower moving sound. They build emotional elements, and you can hear their genuine honesty in this song. The chorus is very moving and if this song doesn’t catch you with its hooks, you might need to reevaluate your musical tastes. “Dusty Patterns” opens with clean guitars and some heavy vocal emotions. The keyboards add another layer of charm to the song. Some heavier rhythms come to play as well, but the transitions in and out of this sound are seamless. “Nostalgic” begins with a much heavier riff along with some more lively vocals. The harsh vocals remind you that you are listening to heavy metal here. “Adjust” begins with these delicate but beefy hooks that will keep you excited about music. It settles into dreamy and ethereal groove, with soft, charming vocals, and that sky you see yonder is bright and blue. This is the very definition of splendor.

“Worn Out Mannequin” begins with airy vocals that swell with feeling. They turn angry and harsh at the chorus, reflective of rage and frustration. It retreats and attacks a couple times throughout, interweaving between the two styles but holding the main sound true. “Thin Line” opens with the chorus hanging out there for the taking. The rhythm section then come stomping in, bowing to the clean tones in the verses. This was one of the videos released for the new album, and it’s an undeniable winner. “Hindsight” closes the album. It’s the longest, and also one of the best, closing an album that had to be a roller coaster of emotions for the band. They talk about being uncompromising, and this song is very indicative of that.

Not being familiar with the band, all I can say is “wow.” They combine tough riffs and some experimental sounds with all of the sensibilities of any seasoned Pop act, and I mean that in every compliment of that word. The band is very talented, and the layers they build are beautiful, stunning, and shoot all the way into the heavens. Their sense of melody is both refined and graceful, and the band puts their soul into their compositions in a “love it or leave it” manner. They could be accused of reviving the Alternative movement, but I don’t care. The music is honest and genuine, and I love it.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Behind Curtains
2. No Connections
3. Verism
4. Water
5. Dusty Patterns
6. Nostalgic
7. Adjust
8. Worn Out Mannequin
9. Thin Line
10. Hindsight
Johan Pedersen – Vocals
Kristoffer Jessen – Guitar
Roar Jakobsen – Guitar
Nikolaj Lauszus – Drums
Record Label: Arising Empire Records


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Edited 05 December 2022

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