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Coldcell - Those Award winner

by Riccardo Gaffuri at 15 January 2018, 8:02 AM

Swiss black metal outfit COLDCELL just reached their 3rd full length release goal with this Those, published via Czar Of Crickets Productions. Polishing their glacial signature sound, COLDCELL continue perfecting their path, close to the primordial black metal in the raw attitude, no useless frills attached, full of hatred and nihilism, yet their music sounds modern, with the proper attention to production and rendering. This attitude, along with the general mood and atmosphere, puts these Swiss in the MGŁA or SCHAMMASCH neighborhood: works that can shatter the listener, appearing at first as a black bullet for the soul, but with underlying attention in songwriting and smart sound design.

We are immediately transported into their dark atmospheric world by the opener “Growing Girth”, midtempo track with erratic accelerations to push the listener into a bleak state of mind. “Entity I” is a short track, with an epic and majestic gait. We see some Cascadian black metal hints in the following “Seize the Whole”: but if other exponents focus on the instrumental section as the leading actor, COLDCELL choose a frontal approach, with S cold harsh vocals to lead the way and the listener. With the duo “Tainted Thoughts” and “Sleep of Reason” they fully summon their darker thoughts, juxtaposing rarified barren atmospheres, standing on distorted sounds,  with the heavy push given by the drum work: we see in this part how this band smartly planned this release, alternating minimalism to pure sound chaos, in a successful attempt to give birth to dark emotions. With the next “Entity II” as a bridge, we are then in front of “Drought in the Heart”: as hinted by the track name, we can literally see the pain suggested by the suffering vocals, laying now on a slow tempo now on drum rushes, all laced with tremolo picking to add an eerie touch to the composition. This is the darkest core and highest peak of this release: all the frustration is released in the final section of the song, in a deluge that pleasantly stinks of post metal influences. As a closing track Heritage is on the other hand a more traditional shattering track.

In 54 mins COLDCELL are able to build for us a tower in a barren land of dark nihilism: from there they give us all the proper tools to scream our pains and darker thoughts. Those is well produced in every details, with high attention on adding elements of contrast in the songwriting, pushing the depth of this release to the blackest core.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Growing Girth
2. Entity I
3. Seize The Whole
4. Tainted Thoughts
5. Sleep Of Reason
6. Entity II
7. Drought In The Heart
8. Heritage
S - Vocals
Ath - Guitar
In - Bass, Samples & Backing Vocals
aW - Drums
w4 – Guitar
Record Label: Czar of Crickets Productions


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