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Coldseed - Completion Makes The Tragedy (CD)

Completion Makes The Tragedy
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 July 2006, 7:38 AM

I was curious about what these crazy guys can do together. You know who I mean. Bjorn and Thomen. I don't think these guys need any kind of introduction. I just admire them both for what they've achieved with Blind Guardian and Soilwork, each one of them. Let's see what they decided to do. Hmmm, not bad…
Coldseed started as Thomen Stauch's side project during early 2005, in collaboration with Soilwork's singer, Bjorn Strid. After the recruitment of Lopez, Praest and the great Holzwarth (Sieges Even, Blind Guardian), Coldseed signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their debut album, Completion Makes The Tragedy. Charly Czajkowsky couldn't master their album because of his commitments with Rage, so Gamma Ray's Dirk Schlachtercame on board for the final mix. Great work…
As I said above, I was curious to see what these guys would play. I didn't expect something usual, after all the members belong to different musical genres. When I listened to the album 2-3 times, I noticed many different elements. Power Metal, Stoner, Nu Metal, Thrash and the list goes on… It's better not to categorize music, so I will just say that they play Metal.
I have to admit that Bjorn really impressed me this time! His voice has matured a lot. He does things he has never done with Soilwork. His well-known brutal vocals are incredible as always, and his clean vocals just kick some major ass! Thomen is just a beast behind his drum kit. Steady, powerful and furious. He reminded me of the old glorious days, when he was still a member of Blind Guardian. The sound is great and Coldseed owe that to Schlachter, who did great work behind the console. The songs are tight and heavy. That's what makes the album so strong!
Coldseed is another all-star Metal band that doesn't have to prove anything. They seem decided to kick some ass, and believe me; they're able to do it with ease!

3 Star Rating

My Affliction
Democracy Lesson
Nothing But A Loser
Five More To Fix
Burning With A Shade
On My Way
Completion Makes The Tragedy
Vulture Of The Throne
At Last
Bjorn Strid - Vocals
Thorsten Praest - Guitar
Gonzalo Alfageme Lopez - Guitar
Oli Holzwarth - Bass
Thomen Stauch - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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