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Coldworker – The Doomsayer’s Call

The Doomsayer’s Call
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 January 2012, 1:44 PM

It's a new year. There will be lots of choices to be made of what will come next in each and everyone's own future struggle on his or her own personal war. However, only the entire human population unified can change the immorals and the decadence of its formed twisted society. This is plainly what I felt when I listened to the third sweeping album of the Swedish grinding Death Metal band of COLDWORKER. While not being exactly a blue collar type of band (mainly due to their chosen name), their social perception of things, of course with a view towards the extremities, has been one of my points of interest since their early debut.

If COLDWORKER hasn't a been a band that was frequent or at least known to some of you, I suggest to look at it as a progressed version NASUM or NAPALM DEATH, meaning that there will be a pack load of killing Grindcore blast beats from the other side of hell to the side of a mixed Death Metal pattern or modern and old school. The Hardcore markers, with several reminder of really angry Punk, have always been roughly evident in the band's music but I assure you that it is still Metal to the core. "The Doomsayer's Call", the band's third album, via Listenable Records, continues this exact same line but in a musical progress.

Thanks to the great mixing of work of the alleged Dan Swano, I was able to enjoy the material even more. Well I can't say I expected anything less from the Swedish producer, but it had to be said. As far as the material goes, COLDWORKER made sure that diversity will be the name of the game but without inflicting the feeling of going astray from their original path. The spirit of Grindcore still reigned, especially with the all around blast beats attacks that began rumbling right from the second song, but on the other hand those didn't feel as if they lacked content and weren't played just for the thrill of it. Furthermore, I was impressed by the lead guitar work of tremendous emotive solos that were also inserted well to the mix. The reverb or chorus effect that was intergraded to the lead guitars made the difference. Fornbrant's vocals were brutal but understandable and I was really glad by that due to the high rated lyrics spitted out of his mouth.

"Flesh World", "The Wall Of Eryx" and the opening mid tempo of "A New Era" engulfed me with their brutal nature yet also with their great quality. Nonetheless, I believe that the album has other great moments to offer. It may not that be easy to listen at first to ongoing grind attacks but it will sink deep eventually. I have to admit that COLDWORKER are one of the few American driven Grindcore bands that I truly appreciate and this late work proved that to me once again.

4 Star Rating

1. A New Era
2. The Reprobate
3. The Glass Envelope
4. Flesh World
5. Murderous
6. Pessimist
7. Monochrome Existence
8. Vacuum Fields
9. Living Is Suffering
10. The Walls of Eryx
11. Violent Society
12. Becoming the Stench
13. The Phantom Carriage
Joel Fornbrant- vocals
Anders Bertilsson- guitar
Daniel Schröder- guitar
Oskar Pålsson- bass
Anders Jakobson- drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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