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Collision – Live & Unleashed

Live & Unleashed
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 30 November 2019, 9:08 PM

The Dutch 5-Piece, COLLISION are a mix of aggressive Grindcore with Metal and Hardcore ingredients. What you get is a violent straight-in-your- face wall of sound that swings. Combined with two singers, to give it something extra, especially live. Very influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band. Let's see what gems they have in store for us.

A Healthy Dose of Radiation” kicks off to a distortion of unclear vocals and instrumentalists riffing. It does become clearer as they get into the show, but the vocals are still more or less non-understandable. The beat and tempo are decent for a live show recording. “Touch Me, Jesus” continues the show with a decent build up on the instruments. The vocals are still unclear. Though if you’re a fan you will know the words. The guitar is going through the motions really well, a good aspect of this performance. “Drama Queen” & “Die for a Fake God” holds nothing back as the hectic show continues. The overall balance, excluding the vocals works really well and the harmonies included are decent throughout. It’s a decent sound to go head banging too for the beat, speed and overall melody.  These songs pretty blend in together and I didn’t notice it was 2 separate songs.

Vortex of Disgust” goes along with the set pace and does not slow down, nor does it really mix it up, but the sound works for what the band are seemingly throwing out to the crowd. “Filthy Feeder” just feels aggressive in the same way that their cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off! Does, similar stance from instrumental harmonies. The pace set works well for the song to progress in to the high gears. “Cripple the Cross” starts the song in the same way as most of the other songs have pure aggression. It's just a crazed mix of mental riffs and shouting. If that is how you like, then cool. The song never seems to change pace, which is good for its intensity levels.  “Necromantic Love Affair” is a carbon copy of all the album so far, a decent-ish riff with shouts from the vocals, its nothing new and the crowd don’t really seem into it. Something different would be useful to break the mold.

Diabolic Death Wish” has a good riff to open up before the drums kick in to progress the song nicely. The vocals do their standard thing, not sure, what it is, but they do it. The tempo and beat are in the high gears but fall into the predictable sound like the rest “Kill Phil” is just over a minute long, so they basically ask for a wall of death, which in my opinion should never have to be asked for, the crowd should just do it. Not much of a breakdown so the wall would not have been needed. Guitars throw a cleaner riff in here to liven shit up. “Fucked Up and Wasted” is pretty much the same as the previous song, so it works for placement in the show. No idea what the lyrics are, again. “Piece of Shit from the Tar Pit” has a good guitar buildup and seemingly sets the pace really well. The melody isn’t too bad; it blends together to make it another headbanger. "Satanic Surgery” the final of the show. It is just a mix of vocals, which I can’t work out, again. The melody from the instruments isn’t the best from the night but you mainly hear the vocals which doesn’t do justice to the instrumentalist.

It’s a live show and these are sometimes hard to record and get a decent audio. Vocals, I have no idea on what is being said, but if you like these guys you probably enjoyed this. Only one song goes over 2 and a half minutes so some of the songs fly through before you get into them. These guys are obviously talented to play their instruments, but they aren’t for us all.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. A Healthy Dose of Radiation
2. Touch Me, Jesus
3. Drama Queen
4. Die for a Fake God
5. Vortex of Disgust
6. Filthy Feeder
7. Cripple the Cross
8. Necromantic Love Affair
9. Diabolic Death Wish
10 Kill Phil
11. Fucked Up and Wasted
12. Piece of Shit from the Tar Pit
13. Satanic Surgery
Wouter Wagemans – Lead Vocals
Luc van Rens – Guitars
Boris Janssen – Bass Guitar
Björn Hylkema –Vocals
Job van de Graaf – Drums
Record Label: Sixkiller Records


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