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Colombian Necktie - Twilight Upon Us

Colombian Necktie
Twilight Upon Us
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 08 December 2014, 6:01 PM

Well, sometimes we find bands that label themselves in a way that cannot describe what they really play. No, simple labels are disgusting and cannot be a reference for Metal fans. You must hear first, and then will have a conclusion according to your senses. And these words fit clearly to COLOMBIAN NECKTIE’s musical work. They say that they are a Sludgecore band, but what we hear on their album, “Twilight Upon Us”, is far more than that.

Ok, it’s slow and bitter as Sludge Metal bands are, but you can feel doses of some extreme Metal on their work, especially speaking about the vocals. They reminds us all about some tunes of earlier Second Wave Black Metal bands, and some guitar riffs are really something between BLACK SABBATH and old PARADISE LOST, and the rhythmic basis is slow with some good technique. And along with this all, the melodies are pretty good. No, Sludgecore really does not describe their music.

The sound quality is somewhat raw and bitter, but all the instruments can be heard in an abrasive and oiled way. It reminds some productions done on late 70’s, but not as hollow as those ones. It sounds good, but really could be better, for there’s many ways to sound raw and oiled with a better sound quality than we hear on the album.

They really have a handful of good songs, as “Stockholm ‘73”, the catchy and hazardous “Play the Game” (with very good riffs and chorus), the introspective and bitter “Alternate Dimensions” (very good vocals), and the powerful “Ready to Burn”. But never let yourself get up from the chair without hearing “Kevin’s Song”, with its abrasive 10 minutes, using all their musical elements to create a long, but tasteful, song.

Very good band, indeed, and deserves a careful listening.

4 Star Rating

1. Stockholm ‘73
2. Guiding Light
3. Play the Game
4. Alternate Dimensions
5. Weep for the Future
6. Drought
7. Sleepwalking
8. These Three Words
9. Ready to Burn
10. Kevin’s Song
Scott Werren
Ben Daniel
Juan Hernandez
Ben Radz
Alex DuPuis
Record Label: Independent


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