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Colossus - Time & Eternal

Time & Eternal
by Charlotte Whittingham at 25 May 2014, 12:27 AM

Usually when it comes to listening to material I’m not used to hearing on a daily basis like any music reviewer, I like to keep an open mind and usually tend to find positive things about the album. This did not prove to be the case with Hardcore / Metal band COLOSSUS however.

As I started listening to opening track “The Combustion Point” my face instantly dropped since it wasn’t really a great start to the album so I only feared what the rest of the album contained, but I kept on going forward. I thought it might get better, it didn’t. I was instead treated to forty-one minutes of complete boredom, same lacklustre orchestration and composition all over again with no sense of diversity or anything that could mention the term “excitement”. And yes, right there I knew that this experience would never repeat itself. I found each track was just a huge, tedious mesh of noise serving no real purpose. Can’t say either win or lose on this one, but it was really tough to comprehend the utter mayhem, and not a positive one, of what went on through “Time & Eternal”.

As hard as I tried to find good things about the album, I really couldn’t this time round. Hardcore fans may find it a treat; I honestly thought it was a colossal disappointment.

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1. The Combustion Point
2. Evilution Failure
3. The Beyond Chronicles
4. The Path Of Retaliation
5. We Are The Ones Called Devils
6. Uninvited Guest
7. Endless Torments
8. Worst Clone Award
9. Hellsurrection (Part 1)
10. Hellsurrestion (Part 2
11. Seize My Final Breath
Alex Gutzmer – Vocals
Jim Hughes – Guitar
Zach Moll – Bass
Israel Wipf – Drums
Record Label: Klonosphere Records


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